Ghostwire: Tokyo gets a release date in latest gameplay reveal

The PlayStation-exclusive action-adventure game by Tango Gameworks will be released on March 25.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is the last PS-exclusive made by a ZeniMax Media subsidiary following Microsoft's acquisition in late 2020. With Shinji Mikami at the helm, fans have been looking forward to seeing what the creator of Devil May Cry, Resident Evil, and The Evil Within, has come up with next.

Ghostwire Tokyo Release Date Gameplay Reveal
Ghostwire: Tokyo's latest gameplay and release date reveal should tide players over until the game arrives in a few weeks' time.

More than six months after it was delayed, we finally know when Ghostwire: Tokyo is going to arrive.

In a dedicated Ghostwire: Tokyo showcase, Tango gave audiences an extended look at gameplay footage for the first time. The trailer reveals details about Ghostwire: Tokyo's story as well as the unique abilities that players can wield. More importantly, Tango also revealed when Ghostwire: Tokyo is going to hit the market.

As confirmed by an earlier PSN leak, PS5 owners will have access to Ghostwire: Tokyo on March 5 with deluxe edition owners getting a chance to play a few days earlier.

As revealed in Ghostwire: Tokyo's official gameplay deep dive, Tango's upcoming title will put players in the shoes of Akito. As one of the last remaining humans in Tokyo, Akito must work together with KK to find out why everyone else vanished all the while fighting against a horde of Japanese folklore-inspired supernatural beings.

From what we can tell, KK gives Akito access to mystical abilities as well as wield elemental powers that players can refine depending on their preferred playstyles. However, Tango confirmed that Akito won't always have KK by his side. There are sequences where Akito fights off against enemies using traditional tools and methods. It also appears that Ghostwire: Tokyo will focus on letting players explore the terrain via a variety of means from gliding across rooftops to climbing on ledges.

After a survival horror experience with the pair of  The Evil Within games, Ghostwire: Tokyo is a more action-filled game from Tango that retains some of the studios' more horrific roots.

Having said that, all fans can do now is to wait for Ghostwire: Tokyo to arrive on March 25. Unfortunately, we have no idea when the game is coming to the Xbox Series S/X or the Game Pass. But, if we base it on Deathloop, Ghostwire: Tokyo might only be a PS5-exclusive for a year before it comes to other platforms.

In other news, Sony just held its first State of Play showcase centered on Gran Turismo 7. Rumor has it that a new State of Play event is coming in March that will feature a handful of more games, including Hogwarts Legacy, and possibly, Ghostwire: Tokyo.

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