Ghost Recon Breakpoint Will Receive Further Updates In 2021

Ubisoft has confirmed that Ghost Recon Breakpoint will receive updates through 2021. Ghost Recon Breakpoint suffered disastrous performance, both critically and commercially, upon its release back in 2019. Just like with The Division 2 though, Ubisoft will continue to support the game for the entire year, in spite of the product’s commercial disappointment.

Ubisoft recognized the players’ feedback on how to improve the game. The game company promises that it will use this feedback to improve the game. It also hinted at some surprises. Prior to this announcement, drastic changes had been introduced into the game including AI teammates and the Immersive mode.

There will be a new roadmap for Ghost Recon Breakpoint content soon. The roadmap will be released this “coming weeks”, so it is probably this month or early April.

As to already released content, Ghost Recon Breakpoint had a slew of free and paid DLCs. The game has also had crossovers with other Ubisoft properties like Rainbow Six Siege, with the Amber Sky mission, and Splinter Cell, with the Deep State DLC. Ghost Recon Breakpoint also hosted, back on January 29 – February 2020, an event featuring the film franchise Terminator, introducing T800 to the Ghost Recon universe.

When Ghost Recon Breakpoint was released back on October 4, 2019, on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, it was slammed by critics for its predatory microtransactions. It was also panned for its terrible performance and substantial departure from being an immersive shooter to a “games as a service” with player and gear leveling system.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint had a limited-time event featuring a Terminator mission
Jasper Nikki De La Cruz
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