Ghost of Tsushima and God of War PC Ports Reportedly Coming

It's no secret that Sony Interactive Entertainment plans on making more of its console exclusives available on the PC. This much we know after their CEO confirmed those plans following his announcement that Days Gone was headed to the PC.

Ghost of Tsushima was one of the last big titles to release exclusively for the PlayStation 4.
Ghost of Tsushima was one of the last big titles to release exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

But while we do know that more exclusives are coming, what we don't know is which exclusives are next.

A leaker with a proven and storied track record claims that he knows which PlayStation exclusives are coming to the PC. But, that's not all. According to him, these titles are getting PC ports sooner than most people think.

CrazyLeaksOnATrain Is At It Again

Days Gone is the third PlayStation exclusive to make its way to the PC.
Days Gone is the third PlayStation exclusive to make its way to the PC.

The leaker in question goes by the handle of CrazyLeaksOnATrain on Twitter and the account is as credible as any as far as leakers go.

For example, among its many leaks is the PC debut of Kingdom Hearts on the Epic Games Store. It also leaked a lot of information that actually came to fruition. This includes the Ninja Gaiden Trilogy remaster, as well as the Mass Effect remastered. But, if we're nitpicking, he was a bit off when it came to exactly when the remastered space RPG was going to be revealed.

With that said, the account's numerous hits in the past suggest that one of its latest leaks is real.

In its latest post in a little over half a year, CrazyLeaksOnATrain revealed that Bloodborne is coming to the PC. In addition to this, other highly rated PlayStation exclusives such as Ghost of Tsushima, God of War, and the Uncharted collection, which we presume is the remastered bundle of the first three PlayStation 3 games of the series, are also reportedly headed to the PC.

While the account has predicted numerous times already that Bloodborne is coming to the PC, it is the first time that it has mentioned the others.

Considering that the leak coincides with Days Gone officially making its way to the PC, it is highly possible that the leaks are indeed true.

More Former PlayStation Exclusives Headed to PC

The demand to port over former PlayStation Exclusives to the PC is higher than ever. Not to mention, it's much easier to port console titles these days than in the past. This has created the perfect storm for SIE to take advantage of as their exclusives are widely considered as some of the best titles in video game history.

Titles such as Horizon Zero Dawn and Death Stranding have already proven that there's a strong demand for former PlayStation exclusives on the PC.

If it is indeed true that the other PS exclusives are headed to the PC soon, then it'll be good news for gamers everywhere.

It'll also mark the first time that either one of the God of War and Uncharted games will make its way to another platform. Both titles have been exclusive to the PlayStation consoles since their inception more than a decade ago.

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