Getting the Juggernaut Suit in Warzone

Juggernaut drops can come in clutch in many scenarios while you are playing Warzone. Still, an alarming increase in the rate of juggernaut drops has resulted in many frustrated players voicing their concerns against it.

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If you manage to obtain a Juggernaut suit, you'll have extremely high health and a mini-gun with unlimited ammo. What makes it more OP is the ability to drive vehicles and ride them as passengers while still using your mini-gun. A piece of information that many players are not aware of is that when you're in a Juggernaut suit, you regenerate health for every downed player that you kill.

As difficult as it may seem to take out a Juggernaut, a well-placed Cluster Strike or a Precision Strike may help you take out a Juggernaut player.

You can get the suit very easily, which is by opening up one of the keycard-enabled bunkers. There are currently six bunkers that can be opened up using a Red Access Card. These bunkers include bunkers 0, 4, 5, 6 and 9.

You can find the Red Access Card randomly in one of the loot boxes. It is a rare loot item that is not found in all of the boxes.

You can tell that you have obtained a Red Access Card as it will show up as a red card icon beside your name, in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Once you've acquired the card, you can go to any of the keycard-enabled bunkers and you should see a green light above the bunker door. This indicates that you can open the door by interacting with the keypad.

Upon entering the bunker, you will find many loot boxes, including Legendary crates, Killstreaks, and even a special drop found at the very back of the bunker where the second door is.

The special drop can be anything among the following list:

  • Specialist Bonus Coin - Obtain all perks
  • Enhanced Gas Mask - More durable gas mask that lasts longer than the regular gas mask
  • Foresight - See all the future circle locations. A very rare Killstreak
  • Juggernaut Killstreak - A heavily armored suit and a mini-gun with unlimited ammo
  • Advanced UAV - Shows all the enemy players with their view direction on the mini-map

You can also find these special drops at the hidden train station that you can access by completing the hidden train station easter egg.

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