Get The D.I.E. Machine Shockwave Wonder Weapon in Die Maschine - Complete Walkthrough

There are several ways you can get your hands on the Wonder Weapon of Die Maschine, such as by completing challenges from the kiosk located in the Control Room, doing the Coffin Dance easter egg, trying your luck at the Mystery Box.

D.I.E. Machine Shockwave Guide Featured cod warzone cold war die maschine

You can also obtain for free, guaranteed, via the method we are going to outline in this guide.

This year's zombies have made everything quite accessible, including the wonder weapon of Die Maschine, D.I.E Machine. Before we proceed, make sure you have already turned on the power and forged the Pack-A-Punch machine. If you haven't, you won't be able to do pretty much anything on this map.

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Get the Keycard

Assuming you've already turned on the power and forged the Pack-A-Punch machine, wait for the Megaton mini-boss to spawn. They only spawn after you've done the power and Pack-A-Punch step.

Kill the Megaton to split it into two Megaton Blasters.

Kill both the Blasters and the second one will drop a keycard. It will be easy for you to recognize as it has an Ultra rarity and glow yellow.

Get the D.I.E. Remote Control

Take the keycard and make your way to the Weapons Lab. Use the keycard on the Weapons Locker.

A drawer will open, revealing the D.I.E Remote Control. Take it and then make your way back to spawn.

Getting D.I.E. Shockwave

Train a horde of around 30 zombies and then go to the Nacht Der Untoten living room. "Train" in Zombies mode, means to bunch up zombies by running in circles. They will all get together in a group and keep following you. So you need to keep running in circles, avoiding all the zombies, until you have around 30 zombies together following you, to lure them to the following trap.

The D.I.E Machine Shockwave is in the small room located next to the stairs in the Living Room.

Go to the right side of the small room and you will see a small gap with a prompt to turn on the D.I.E remotely.

Turn it on and the D.I.E wonder weapon will start sucking in the souls of all the zombies through the little gap above the door of the small room. You must lure around 30 zombies for it to be fully charged.

If you did not get all the zombies in one run then the machine will go to cool-down mode. Wait for a couple of seconds for the D.I.E machine to cool down and then turn it back on to get the remaining zombies.

Once it is fully charged, you can discharge it remotely, and it will blow open the door. Then you can go inside the room to collect your free D.I.E Machine Shockwave Wonder Weapon.

That is how you get your hands on the D.I.E. Machine Shockwave. Note that this is the base variant of the wonder weapon but just as strong. If you are looking for the elemental upgrades for this weapon, please check our full main easter egg guide.

Getting all four elemental upgrades is part of the main easter egg of Die Maschine and because of that, getting two of the four elemental upgrades requires you to complete a few main easter egg steps.

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