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Get Baby Yoda Back Bling In Fortnite Season 5

Get Baby Yoda Back Bling In Fortnite Season 5

You can't click twice online without bumping into something somehow related to The Mandalorian. This makes sense, since it is the best contemporary Star Wars content as well as, arguably, the best Star Wars content ever. As such it came as no surprise when pop culture titan Fortnite tapped it for crossover energy, and alongside Din Djarin's iconic armor you can also unlock baby Yoda - it would feel incomplete otherwise!

How Grogu/The Child/Baby Yoda appears in Fortnite Season 5

Part of me kind of wishes Epic Games applied the same laissez-faire approach to common decency as they did with the various disturbing food-based skins and gave us a full sized nightmare fuel costume based on Grogu's appearance. Alas, we got the most vanilla reference imaginable and even the implementation is sort of wack, but hey, we take what we get.

Get Baby Yoda Back Bling In Fortnite Season 5
"Pet"? Really? Wow.

The Child appears as a Back Bling cosmetic wherein he floats in his signature hover-crib a brisk arm's length behind our character, facing the screen and occasionally distracting us with cute little animations. Grogu was never behind Din and facing away, mainly because he's among the galaxy's most wanted and Mando likes to keep his eyes on him, but it also just looks sort of awkward. Nonetheless, if you want to unlock the Child - and of course you do, because he's still cute - here's what you need to do.

Unlocking The Child Back Bling In Fortnite Season 5

To actually unlock this cosmetic, you don't need to do anything particularly complicated, but you do need to do a lot of it - the Back Bling is unlocked when reaching Tier 100 in the current Battle Pass, alongside Din's full Beskar outfit. If you are particularly itching to get this little being and his floating crip, you can burn V-Bucks for tier skips, but it'll cost a hell of a lot. Maybe even a whole camtono's worth.

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