George R. R. Martin provides Winds of Winter update

The author said he has almost finished writing the next book in his epic series A Song of Ice and Fire.

Author of the bestselling series A Song of Ice and Fire, George R. R. Martin, has announced that the next novel in the series, The Winds of Winter, is 75% complete. He made this revelation during a live stream for his publisher Penguin Random House.

Winds Of Winter
George R. R. Martin offered what is the most concrete update on The Winds of Winter so far during a live stream for his publishing house.

In his words, "It’s a big, big book, I’ve said that before. It’s a challenging book. It’s probably gonna be a larger book than any of the previous volumes in the series. A Dance with Dragons and A Storm of Swords are the two largest books in the series [to date]. They were both about 1,500 manuscript pages." He continued, "I think [The Winds of Winter] is going to be longer than that by the time I’m finished with it, and I think I’m about three-quarters of the way done, maybe? But that’s not 100% done, so I have to continue to work on it."

Despite the update, the author emphasized that it will still take a while to publish the book when he eventually completes writing it. Also, Martin stated that his publisher might divide the book into two separate volumes due to its huge size.

The most recent book in the epic series, A Dance with Dragons, was published 11 years ago. While fans have since watched an entire series based on the books, the final season was less than satisfactory. Recently, one of the show’s stars admitted as much.

As a result, there are a lot of expectations on how Martin will approach the ending of the books. For more than 10 years, they have been waiting for the next book in the series and it would seem their waiting has almost come to an end.

Winds Of Winter
The book series have been adapted into shows one of which ended recently.

However, there have been numerous delays on The Winds of Winter, which has left many fans puzzled and wondering if it will ever be finished. Couple this with the fact that the author has publicly stated he has lost interest in predicting when he will complete the book and you can understand fans’ fears about the series’ completion. Given this announcement, fans can have their minds at peace and rest assured they will get their hands on the book sooner than later.

Unfortunately, this new update doesn’t let us know when the book will be completed or when it will be published. Besides, The Winds of Winter is only the sixth of seven books in the series, so there’s still one more book to go which Martin has yet to write. Of course, that is assuming Penguin Random House does not split the sixth book. Regardless of what happens, it seems fans of the series still have a long wait ahead before they can get and read all the books unless Martin decides to write faster.

On the bright side, this update tells fans that the author has written a large part of The Winds of Winter. This is good news since Martin has never provided such concrete information about the book.

Meanwhile, the first spin-off from the Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon, has finished airing. Set 200 years before the event of Game of Thrones, during the Targaryen civil war, the show serves as a prequel. Unfortunately for fans of one of HBO’s most watched shows, season 2 might not air until 2024 as it won’t start filming until 2023. However, fans can expect to be thrilled by the show for a long time as it will run for four seasons or more seasons.

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