Genshin Impact Update 1.4: Release Date, Trailer, and More

It's safe to say that Genshin Impact is here to stay.

Even though it'll be at least a month before Update 1.4 hits, fans are already waiting what the developers have in store next for Genshin Impact.

Three huge Genshin Impact updates in and the game's player base shows no signs of slowing down. But, of course, Genshin Impact wouldn't be this popular if not for the efforts of miHoYo, who seem to have found out the formula of knowing what players want and giving it to them when they want it.

With that said, the latest Genshin Impact update just arrived (1.3), and already, fans are eagerly waiting for the next one.

Scroll down below for more information about the upcoming Genshin Impact update.

What Will Genshin Impact Update 1.4 Contain?

Xiao was a 5-star character recently added to Genshin Impact along with Update 1.3.

Genshin Impact updates 1.3 revolved around Liyue's Lantern Rite Festival, which draws heavy inspiration from Chinese New Year celebrations.

For update 1.4, Genshin Impact will reportedly focus more on the Mondstadtian counterpart of the said event, the Windblood Festival. However, this is not confirmed yet, nor do we have any official information about the event as well.

The only info that we have to go on, for now, comes from a fairly reliable source.

According to @Genshin_Intel, the new event will add multiple mini-games to the game. This includes one where you'll have to find and pop a specific set of balloons as a timer winds down. Meanwhile, another event will involve collecting flowers as you glide down from a cliff.

Of course, even though we've no information about what the event will be like, we do know that it will add numerous mini-games, questlines, and rewards to the game.

There are also rumors suggesting that the Pure Water Hearts event will run in conjunction with the Windbloom festival where players will be able to summon what looks like a mini Ocaeanid.

In line with this, it is believed that more and more water-based creatures will start popping up in-game where you can use the spit from the miniature Ocaeanid to destroy the said critters in order to complete the event and get a chance to keep the little Ocaeanid as your pet.

As for new characters, miHoYo has plenty of leaked characters to choose from. This includes the four-star character Mimi, as well as Ayaka and Rosario, the latter of which the players already met earlier on in the game.

Hu Tao and Inazuma are also both rumored to come to Genshin Impact in update 1.4, with rumors suggesting that Hu Tao might even be added to the game as a banner character before the next big update arrives.

Is There a Genshin Impact Update 1.4 Trailer Available?


Because miHoYo has yet to confirm when and what Genshin Impact update 1.4 will contain, they haven't released a game trailer yet.

When Will Genshin Impact Update 1.4 Release?

The Genshin Impact update 1.4 is not yet set in stone. However, miHoYo's been pretty consistent so far with their six-week release cycle.

Considering that update 1.3 was released on February 3, 2021, update 1.4 should debut some time on March 17, 2021.

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