Genshin Impact Slime Paradise Event: Start Date, Rewards, and More

Good news for people playing Genshin Impact on their PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, the Slime Paradise event will be returning exclusively to Sony's consoles soon.

The console-exclusive Genshin Impact Slime Paradise event will run for at least a week starting on March 25.

If you remember, miHoYo introduced the Slime Paradise event back in January. However, it was available only to players on the PC and Mobile platforms. The said event ran in conjunction with the Hypostatic Symphony. It lasted throughout most of the latter half of the month.

While it was an enjoyable event, for the most part, it also wasn't available to players on the PS4 and PS5.

The game's developers will now seek to make up for that by introducing the Slime Paradise event exclusively for the PS4 and PS5. However, unlike in its first run, there'll be a couple of changes.

Scroll down below to know more about the console-exclusive Genshin Impact Slim Paradise event.

When Does Will the Genshin Impact Slime Paradise Event start?

miHoYo confirmed that the console-exclusive Paradise Event will start on March 25 at 1:00 PM (UTC +8).

An end date was not included in the announcement. However, judging by how long the previous Slime Paradise event lasted, we shouldn't expect this one to last longer than two weeks. This means that it will probably end either on April 1 or within the same week.

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How Do You Participate in the Genshin Impact Slime Paradise Event?

To participate in the Slime Paradise Event, you'll have to open your mailbox and use the link set to you to access the web browser on the PS4 or PS5 to participate in the event.

The Slime Paradise event revolves around making a Slime-themed theme park for Slimes. Your job is to make the entire place look better using decorations you can purchase using an exclusive currency known as Paradise Coins.

The more Paradise Coins that you spend to spruce up the theme park, the more visitors it will attract, which will then net you Paradise Tickets that you can use on rewards.

You'll receive 500 Paradise Coins for every day that you log into Genshin Impact during the event.

What Are the Genshin Impact Slime Paradise Event Rewards?

miHoYo did not reveal the rewards for the console-exclusive Slime Paradise Event. However, if it's anything like the original event, the rewards should be as follows:

  • 30 Primogems (can be purchased 4 times) for 2,000 Paradise Tickets.
  • A Hero's Wit experience book (can be purchased five times) for 600 Paradise Tickets.
  • 10,000 Mora (can be purchased 10 times) for 600 Paradise Tickets.
  • Five Fine EnHancement Ore (can be purchased 5 times) for 300 Paradise Tickets.
  • 500 Mora (can be purchased 99 times) for 100 Paradise Tickets.

In total, you'd need to earn 28,400 Paradise Tickets so you can purchase every reward that's included in the Slime Paradise Event.

Is There Anything New in the Genshin Impact Slime Paradise Event?

The console-exclusive Genshin Impact Slime Paradise event could very well be the same as the previous event. However, we'll never know for sure until the developers confirm this themselves. But, if we're going by their previous history, miHoYo does have the tendency to switch things up when they run an event for the second time.

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