Genshin Impact Shenhe update preview

Following a series of leaks for Version 2.4 of Genshin Impact, the game's developers finally revealed Shenhe on their social media account.

miHoYo just launched Version 2.3 for Genshin Impact but it appears the studio is already preparing for the game's next update. Fans, in particular, are excited to find out more about Shenhe, which was leaked for most of late November before the game's developers officially revealed the upcoming playable character for Genshin Impact.

Shenhe is expected to arrive in Genshin Impact alongside Version 2.4 in January 2022.

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When is Shenhe coming to Genshin Impact?

miHoYo probably had no choice but to reveal Shenhe amidst all the rumors and leaks.

Unfortunately, miHoYo did not reveal when the Shenhe Banner will release in Genshin Impact. Many speculate that the game's latest character won't arrive until at least after or during Version 2.4, which miHoYo is expected to release on January 5, 2022. There's a huge chance that miHoYo will start revealing more about the five-star Cryo polearm character as 2021 comes to a close.

What kind of character is Shenhe in Genshin Impact?

miHoYo describes Shenhe as a "ferocious" warrior with a temper that can destroy everything around her when angered. She's also described as having come from a "branch family of a clan of exorcists" and that she is a disciple of the Cloud Retainer.

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Is there a trailer for Shenhe in Genshin Impact?

miHoYo revealed Shenhe without the usual trailer. It's highly likely that the studio only released info about Shenhe because of the leaks. If it's any consolation, miHoYo has almost always released a trailer ahead of a new character's release, so the developers are probably just cobbling something up ahead of Shenhe's arrival in Genshin Impact sometime in early 2022.

What are Shenhe's abilities in Genshin Impact?

miHoYo is keeping their cards close as far as Shenhe goes, revealing only tidbits of information about her. Thankfully, other leakers have stopped up to provide more useful intel about the upcoming character for Genshin Impact, including her abilities.

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What's next for Genshin Impact?

With update 2.3 already up, fans can look forward to hearing more about update 2.4 of Genshin Impact soon. If miHoYo follows its previous schedule, the studio might host a live stream sometime around December 24. However, don't be surprised if this comes earlier or later as the holiday season might affect miHoYo's timetable. Either way, what's guaranteed is that miHoYo will host a live stream featuring Shenhe and Version 2.4, in general, within the next few weeks.

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