Genshin Impact: Seirai Stormchasers Guide

Unlock the Thunder Manifestation World Boss!

The Seirai Stormchasers quest is a world quest in Genshin Impact that you can complete to unlock the Seirai Island region. Completing this quest will give you rewards like Primogems. To unlock or start the quest, you must talk to Katheryne in Inazuma. Keep in mind that you have to complete the Archon Quest Chapter 2 Act 1 first before you can get this quest. You also need to complete this quest to unlock the world boss "Electro Oceanid".

Seirai Stormchasers Part 1

Travel to Seirai Island using the Waverider in Inazuma.

After talking to Katheryne, she will tell you to go to the adventurers that are currently stationed on Seirai Island. Use the Waverider to travel to Seirai Island. We recommend unlocking the Statue of the Seven here to make the quest easier to complete. In the waypoint near Fort Hiraumi, you will find an adventurer called Eiko. Talk to her to continue the quest.

Investigate the Warding Stone

Talk to Eiko to learn more about the Warding stone.

Eiko will tell you about their current investigation on Seirai Island. Teleport to the statue of seven in Seirai Island and go to the Warding stone to investigate it Taisuke and Eiko. They will talk about the tracks of a cat and you need to use your Elemental Sight to follow the footsteps of the cat. The footsteps will lead you to an abandoned shrine. Activate the waypoint here and talk to the cat in the middle of the shrine.

Check on the Offering Box

Neko will ask you to repair the offering box in the abandoned shrine.

Neko will ask you to check on the offering box and fix it so that other people can donate to the shrine. Interact with the offering box and teleport to the teleport waypoint in Koseki village. Go to the quest area and defeat all the treasure hoarders in this area. Talk to the treasure hoarder and teleport to the quest area in Fort Hiraumi. Defeat all the treasure hoarders here again and investigate the crates to get the materials you need to repair the offering box. Go back to the Shrine and repair the Offering Box. Report back to Neko and now it is time to seal the 1st warding stone.

Seal the 1st Warding Stone

Touch the paper charms first before sealing the warding stone.

Teleport to the Statue of Seven and go to the Warding Stone. Interact with the paper charm on the east, near Taisuke first. The second paper charm you should interact with is the one next to Eiko, to the west. Lastly, interact with the paper charm on the north. Rotate the bottom part twice to solve the puzzle and seal the warding stone.

Seirai Stormchasers Part 2

The last paper charm is on top of a rock near the Phase Gate.

After you seal the warding stone, you need to find the rest of the warding stones to remove the Electro field on the island. Teleport to the waypoint in Amakumo Peak. You will notice the paper charms and the warding stone here as well. Touch the paper charm with 2 papers on it to your left first. Touch the northern paper charm next. Then use the thunder sakura bough to summon the Electroganum and teleport to the rock that has a Phase Gate.

Ride through the Phase Gate but stop when you see a chest. The last paper charm is next to the common chest. Go back to the Warding stone on the ground. Rotate the top once, and then rotate the bottom three times. Rotate the top twice again to seal the Warding stone and disperse the Balethunder in the area. Talk to Eiko to complete this part of the quest.

Seirai Stormchasers Part 3

Activate the teleport waypoint here so you can quickly return to the warding stone.

Teleport to the southern waypoint in Fort Hiraumi and talk to Taisuke. He will tell you that the next warding stone cannot be found and you must search for it. Use the Phase Gate behind Taisuke. After using the Phase Gate, summon the thunder sakura bough until you land on a platform surrounded by three thunder sakura Bough. We will call this the central platform.

Use the northern thunder sakura bough in the middle first and keep going using the Electroganum until you get to the teleport waypoint next to the warding stone. Activate the teleport waypoint here. Touch the paper charm next to the warding stone and quickly summon the Electroganum to get to the next Paper charm on the northern side. Go back to the platform with the teleport waypoint and use the Electroganum to teleport quickly to the last paper charm on the southern side.

Seal the Warding Stone

You do not have to report back to Taisuke after sealing the 3rd Warding stone.

After touching the last paper charm, go back to the platform with the teleport waypoint and the Warding Stone. Rotate the top part 3 times and rotate the bottom part 5 times. A cutscene will occur, removing the Balethunder barrier on Seirai Island and completing the quest.

Seirai Stormchasers Part 4

Use the Electrogfanum to teleport to the southern part of Amakumo Peak.

Keep following the Thunder Sakura Bough and use the Electroganum until you get to the teleport waypoint on the southern part of Amakumo peak. You will find the last warding stone in this area. Touch the paper charm on the left first and then touch the paper charm on the right. Lastly, touch the paper charm in the middle. The last Warding Stone can be tricky and you have to follow the sequence below to seal it.

Seal the Warding Stone

Sealing the last Warding will unlock the Thunder Manifestation boss.

First, you have to rotate the top side twice and rotate the bottom side once. Rotate the top side twice again and rotate the bottom side 7 times. Lastly, rotate the top side 4 times. Glide over to the central platform and defeat the Thunder Manifestation. After defeating the World boss, use the Thunder Sakura Bough to summon the Electroganum. Continue forward until you see a platform with two chests. Open the chest to receive the rewards. Take the Peculiar Pinion on this platform and go back to Taisuke to complete the mission.


Completing the World Quest will unlock the Seirai Stormchasers' achievement.

Completing the quest will give you multiple rewards like Primogems and furniture blueprints. Below are the rewards you can get from finishing each part of this world quest:

  • Seirai Stormchasers Part I: 300 Adventurer's EXP, 30,000 Mora, 40 Primogems, and 4 Hero's Wit
  • Seirai Stormchasers Part II: 250 Adventurer's EXP, 25,000 Mora, 30 Primogems, and 3 Hero's Wit
  • Seirai Stormchasers Part III: 300 Adventurer's EXP, 40 Primogems, and 4 Hero's Wit
  • Seirai Stormchasers Part IV: 350 Adventurer's EXP, 40 Primogems, 2 Hero's Wit, and 1 Peculiar Pinion

You will also get a Luxurious Chest and a Precious Chest at the end of the quest. These chests contain the furniture blueprints for the Cleansing Shrine and the Headquarters Alarm: Sound of Thunder. Completing the world quest will also give you the achievement called "Seirai Stormchasers" in the Inazuma 2 Series.


Aside from Primogems, you can get furniture blueprints from completing this world quest.

The Seirai Stormchasers world quest is the introduction to the Seirai Island in Inazuma. You lend your help to Taisuke and Eiko, who are aiming to clear up the thunderstorm surrounding the Island. Sealing the 4 Warding stones in the area will clear the Thunderstorm on the island. This will also remove the Balethunder effect on the island and unlock the Thunder Manifestation world boss.

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