Genshin Impact Redemption Codes 2021

We all know how precious Primogems are in Genshin Impact. They are the key to getting new characters and weapons, after all. While Primogems are typically bought using money, you can also earn them by doing quests and exploring the world of Genshin Impact. But there is another way of getting Primogems and other helpful items in Genshin Impact, that is using Redemption Codes and participating in Giveaways.

These Redemption Codes and Giveaways give you Primogems, items, and even Mora, which is the game's currency. This article will give you the currently active Redemption codes given by the game developer Mihoyo, and how you can use them. The article will also include the Giveaway events you can join to earn more Primogems and items.

How to use Redemption Codes

Use the active redemption codes on the official Genshin Impact website.

To get the in-game items using the Redemption codes, follow the steps below:

  1. Reach Adventurer Rank Level 10 in the game.
  2. Link your account in Mihoyo's User Center if you haven't linked it yet.
  3. Go to the official site of Mihoyo for Genshin Impact.
  4. Click on the pendant and head over to the redeem code tab.
  5. Select the server you are playing in.
  6. Input the name of your character.
  7. Use one of the active redemption codes below.
  8. Click on redeem.
  9. After you redeem a code, you will receive an in-game mail containing the rewards.
  10. Make sure the code is still active, and you achieve all the redemption conditions.
  11. You cannot use the redemption code more than once.
  12. Contact Mihoyo's customer service if you encounter any errors when redeeming a code.

Active Redemption Codes-As of 04/08/2021

Venti is an Anemo character in Genshin Impact.

Below are some of the currently active Genshin Impact Redemption Codes.


Rewards:30 Primogems, 5 Adventurer's Experience


Rewards: 60 Primogems, 10,000 Mora


Rewards: 50 Primogems, 3 Hero's Wit

All Expired Redemption Codes

The nation of Liyue in Genshin Impact.

Below are some of the expired redemption codes for Genshin Impact (they no longer work). Keep an eye out on Genshin Impact's official social media links for any updates regarding Redemption codes.

  • 5KVeIbSxDUU
  • 153YUSAENH
  • GSIMPTq125
  • Cuupmbjsvd
  • jsSK8n23jzR
  • dU2mhjQL1ZT
  • nBEm3myAL2b
  • G3tQq6TOqmE
  • eATDgIXLD56
  • GENSHIN1111

Genshin Impact Giveaway Events

Barbara in a special video called An Idol's Healing Magic.

Aside from Redemption Codes, you can participate in the latest game events to get prizes like Primogems. Below are some of the Active Game Events in Genshin Impact:

Marvelous Merchandise

Find the merchant named Liben to participate in the Marvelous Merchandise event.

Duration: 1/23/2021-1/30-2021

Look for the Merchant called Liben around Teyvat and bring the materials he needs to get one of the boxes below:

Pyro Box

  • 40 Primogems, 6 Hero's Wit

Electro Box

  • 40 Primogems, 3 Teachings of Freedom

Slime Paradise

Slime Paradise is a web event of Genshin Impact.

Duration: 1/22/2021-1/30/2021

Click this link to go to the official Slime Event Page of Genshin Impact. This game is called Slime Paradise and you run a park designed to attract Slimes. Buying decorations can help attract more Slimes and give you Tickets which you can use to exchange for the following prizes:

  • 1000 Tickets can be exchanged for 30 Primogems
  • 600 Tickets can be exchanged for a Hero's Wit
  • 600 Tickets can be exchanged for 10,000 Mora
  • 300 Tickets can be exchanged for 5 Fine Enhancement Ore
  • 100 Tickets can be exchanged for 500 Mora

If you are out of Mora, this game event is suitable for you as you can exchange a hundred tickets for 500 Mora for a maximum of 99 times, and you can use the 600 tickets for 10,000 Mora for a maximum of 10 times.

Seize the Day

Log into the game every day to receive Primogems and rewards.

Duration: 1/16/2021-1/31/2021

All you have to do is to log in to the game every day and you can get the following rewards:

  • 8 Hero's Wit
  • 15 Mystic Enhancement
  • 50,000 Mora
  • 300 Primogems

Hypostatic Symphony

Face multiple challenges to get rewards in the Hypostatic Symphony game event.

Duration: 1/16/2021-1/31/2021

To qualify for this game event, you must reach Adventurer Rank 20 or above. A new challenge unlocks every day and on the 7th day all challenges will be unlocked. Whenever you clear a challenge for the first time, you get 60 Primogems. You can also do these challenges in co-op mode. After clearing the challenges, you can choose a new variation and difficulty level to earn points. Earning points can get you different rewards and an exclusive name card called Celebration: Hypostasis.

  • 1000 points - 2 Guide to Freedom, 20,000 Mora
  • 2000 points - 2 Guide to Resistance, 20,000 Mora
  • 3000 points- 2 Guide to Ballad, 20,000 Mora
  • 4000 points-2 Guide to Prosperity, 20,000 Mora
  • 5000 points-2 Guide to Diligence, 20,000 Mora
  • 6000 points-2 Guide to Gold, 20,000 Mora
  • 7000 points- 2 Guide to Freedom, 20,000 Mora
  • 8000 points- 4 Hero's Wit, 20,000 Mora
  • 9000 points- 4 Hero's Wit, 20,000 Mora
  • 10000 points- 4 Hero's Wit, 20,000 Mora
  • 11000 points- 4 Hero's Wit, 20,000 Mora
  • 12000 points-4 Hero's Wit, 20,000 Mora
  • 13000 points- 4 Hero's Wit, 20,000 Mora
  • 14000 points- 4 Hero's Wit, Hypostasis Exclusive Namecard, 20,000 Mora
  • 15500 points- 8 Mystic Enhancement Ore, 20,000 Mora
  • 17000 points- 8 Mystic Enhancement Ore, 20,000 Mora
  • 18500 points- 8 Mystic Enhancement Ore, 20,000 Mora
  • 20,000 points-8 Mystic Enhancement Ore, 20,000 Mora

Where to get Primogems?

Aether getting his Anemo Powers for the first time.

Aside from Redemption Codes and Game Events, you can get Primogems by doing the following:

  • Opening Chests: There are multiple chests all around the Genshin Impact world, and opening them gives you extra Primogems.
  • Completing Quests: Quests given by some NPCs or Storyline Quests can give you Primogems once you complete them.
  • Unlock Shrines: Shrine of Depths are scattered all over the world of Genshin Impact. Unlocking these Obelisks gives you a luxurious chest with equipment, EXP, upgrade materials, and 40 Primogems.
  • Complete your Achievements: Achievements give you Primogems whenever you complete these in-game objectives.
  • Do the Daily Commissions: After reaching Adventurer Rank 12, you can complete your Daily Commissions to get helpful in-game items like Primogems. You also get bonus rewards once you complete all four Daily Commissions.
  • Check your in-game Mail: Whenever there are new updates, maintenance, or bug fixes, the game developer of Genshin Impact gives free Primogems as compensation for their players.
  • Collect Starglitter and Stardust: If you collect Starglitter and Stardust, you can exchange them for Intertwined Fate and Acquaint Fate which is necessary for wishes.

Where to find Redemption Codes?

Diluc is one of the characters in Genshin Impact.

You can find Redemption Codes on the official Genshin Impact social media platforms. miHoYo does not release Redemption Codes often but keep an eye out whenever there are new updates or character trailers as they usually release Redemption Codes alongside the new content. Otherwise, always check out their social media platforms and log in to the game every day to check for other promotions and game events.


Ganyu in her character trailer.

The developers of Genshin Impact usually release Redemption Codes and Game Events you can participate in to get extra Primogems. Primogems are necessary for wishes that can give you new weapons and characters. You can redeem the redemption codes on Genshin Impact's official website. Aside from Redemption codes and Game Events, you can also earn Primogems by exploring the world of Genshin Impact. Always check the official social media platforms of Genshin Impact for new Redemption codes and updates about in-game events.

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