Genshin Impact PS5 Upgrade: Release Date, Trailer, and More

Just in case you missed it, the Genshin Impact PS5 Upgrade is going to arrive later in Spring 2021.

The Genshin Impact PS5 Upgrade is expected to release sometime in Spring 2021.

The developers, MiHoYo, announced the release window and other minor but important details for the Genshin Impact PS5 update. Unfortunately, miHoYo did not reveal an exact release date for the update. But, at the very least, we know a number of key details regarding the PS5 update for the highly successful RPG gacha title.

What's New in the Genshin Impact PS5 Upgrade?

The PS5 version of Genshin Impact won't really bring any groundbreaking changes to the game. As the name suggests, it's an updated version designed for the PS5. It'll make it possible for Genshin Impact to run at 4K resolution on the PlayStation 5 with enhanced textures and improved loading times.

It's worth taking note that, as of the moment, PS5 owners can already play Genshin Impact. However, it's the PS4 version and as a result, the PS5 version should offer some substantial improvements. If you look at the trailer closely, it might even include ray-tracing support.

In addition to improved graphics and visuals as well as faster loading times, Genshin Impact on the PlayStation 5 will also feature support for the all-new DualSense controller. This likely means haptic feedback for attacks and spells.

Nowhere in the announcement did miHoYo mentioned the frame rates of Genshin Impact on the PlayStation 5. However, the trailer does suggest that it's playing smoothly. At the very least, we should be able to expect the PS5 to be able to maintain gameplay at 60 frames per second even at 4K resolution once the update arrives.

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What's Next for Genshin Impact?

As of the moment, Genshin Impact is available on iOS and Android platforms, as well as PC and the PlayStation 4/5. However, miHoYo makes the most of its revenue from its mobile player base. In fact, players reportedly spent more than a billion dollars on the game already just six months into its release, surpassing Niantic Labs' hit AR title, Pokemon Go, in terms of revenue.

Despite the success, miHoYo seems intent on expanding to even more platforms. In addition to the upcoming PS5 version, a Nintendo Switch version is also in development. It's currently unknown when the Switch version of Genshin Impact will release. But, we can be certain that it can help boost the already astronomical numbers of Genshin Impact.

With that said, miHoYo recently updated Genshin Impact to Version 1.4. The update introduced a lot of new features into the game. This includes a new four-star character in Rosario and the mini dating game, Hangout Events.

As of the moment, Genshin Impact is hosting an exclusive event for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 owners. The Slime Paradise event essentially just involves checking your in-game mail every day to receive freebies like EXP books and Primogems, among others.

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