Genshin Impact Hangout Events: Start Date, Details, and More

As miHoYo prepares Genshin Impact for its latest update, 1.4, otherwise known as Invitation of Windblume, the developers decided to share an all-new mechanic that they'll introduce alongside the update to their hit open-world gacha-based action-role playing game.

The latest Genshin Impact event will let players converse with the likes of Benett and Noelle, among others.

Scroll down below to learn more about Hangout Events.

What Is The Genshin Impact Hangout Events?

The Genshin Impact update will introduce Hangout Events to the game. It's basically a dating minigame where players can join in on story-driven quests with various dialog options that lead to different results depending on your choices. The idea is essentially to give players different kinds of endings depending on their input.

In this minigame, players can access how well they are doing by taking a look at the heartbeat monitor.

The said heartbeat monitor will indicate if your date is having fun or not. However, just to be clear, these dates are less of the romantic type. Rather, the conversations seem to revolve more around friendships and platonic relationships.

With that said, once you complete a hangout, you'll receive rewards like Hangout Memories and others.

Using this new mechanic, any player will have a chance to date any other essential character in the game. This includes four-star characters like Chongyun, Noelle, Barbara, and Benett. However, to unlock the event, you'll need to at least be Adventure Rank 26.

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In addition to this, you'll need to have at least 2 story keys. You'll receive these story keys as a reward for completing a total of sixteen daily login quests. You only get one key for every eight daily login quests you complete.

What's New in Genshin Impact Update 1.4?

Genshin Impact Update 1.4 will go live starting March 17, 2021.

According to the official patch notes, the maintenance will start at 06:00 (UTC+8) with an estimated runtime of around 5 hours. To compensate for this downtime, miHoyo will give players 60 Primogems for every hour of maintenance or around 300 x Primogems. However, this is only exclusive to players who have reached at least Adventure Rank 5.

In addition to the Hangout Events, Genshin Impact Update 1.4 will introduce a lot of things to the game.

Among these things include a new four-star character in "Thorny Benevolence" Rosaria, as well as new equipment, and the flagship event for the update, the "Invitation of Windblume".

In other Genshin Impact news, miHoYo will finally give console players a chance to participate in the Slime Paradise event. The console-exclusive version of the January 2021 event will kick off on March 25 and is expected to last for at least a week.

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