Genshin Impact and KFC Collaboration Event

The last thing you think about when hearing the words "Genshin Impact" and "KFC" is a collaboration. But alas, Kentucky Fried Chicken has entered into a partnership with Genshin Impact after an advertisement that shows Diluc and Noelle in working attire. Everyone is excited about this collaboration because you can get KFC-themed gliders.

KFC Collaboration Event

Diluc is a Pyro Character in Genshin Impact.

Based on an advertisement banner featuring Diluc and Noelle, the event might reward an exclusive KFC-themed glider that is red and white in color. The event will start on March 8 and end on March 21 in China. Due to popular demand, the event will be made available globally for the month of July.

How to get the KFC Glider

Diluc will be featured in the bucket of KFC.

If you want to get that red and white exclusive glider, you need to purchase a bucket of KFC Fried chicken during the event period. After the purchase, they will give you a code that you need to redeem to get the exclusive Glider. However, keep in mind that this deal is only available for people living in China and the code is only redeemable for the Chinese Server.

How to Equip Gliders

You can equip Wind Gliders in the Wardrobe menu.

You can change your Gliders in the Character menu. Open the character menu and go to the character you want to customize. At the bottom of the screen, you will find a wardrobe icon next to the Ascend button. You will find the wind gliders you currently have. Once you have chosen which Wind Glider you want, click on the Switch button to save the changes.

How to get Wind Gliders

You can get Wind Gliders by increasing your city's reputation.

Wind Gliders are useful for traveling the world of Genshin Impact. Below are some of the Wind Gliders you can get in the game.

  • Wings of First Flight: Unlocked in the first part of the Story in Genshin Impact
  • Wings of Descension: Exclusive to PS4 Players
  • Wings of Companionship: Can be found in the mail as a reward for the launch event in Genshin Impact
  • Wings of Azure Wind: You can get this after completing the Mondstadt Reputation System
  • Wings of Golden Flight: You can get this after completing the Liyue Reputation System
  • Wings of Concealing Snow: You can get this glider after you reach offering level 12 on the Frostbearing Tree
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Other KFC and Game Collaborations

KFC also had a collaboration for Arknights exclusive for Chinese players.

Aside from Genshin Impact, KFC has also run marketing promotions with other games, like Girls Frontline and Arknights.


Noelle is a geo character in Genshin Impact.

The KFC and Genshin Impact Collaboration has everyone excited (in China). The event starts on March 8 and you can get an exclusive KFC Glider when you purchase a bucket of chicken. As for non-China players, we can expect more information about the collaboration event this July.

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