Genshin Impact 2.8 leaks and how many primogems can you save for the first banner

Some of the most beloved character banners are potentially returning in version 2.8. Here's how you can save your primogems for them.

After one of the most beautiful and eye-watering Archon quests in version 2.7, we're already halfway across the update. Genshin Impact players are already excited for the upcoming events and, ultimately, 2.8. The major factor contributing to the hype is a new four-star character called Heizou and the rerun banners of Kazuha and Klee.

We have a lot of new information about the upcoming events, their rewards, and the possible character banners in update 2.8. Here's everything we know so far. We've also covered how many primogems you can earn to prepare for your favorite characters coming in 2.8.

As always, these are all leaks and should be treated as one. They could even be wrong, but some can be considered correct at this point, given how well they corroborate with different leakers in the community.

New Character Banners

From what we've gathered so far, it seems everyone's favorite samurai would be having his rerun banner in the first phase of 2.8 along with Klee.

Both will have their own rate-up banners, with each including Shikanoin Heizou as one of the four-star characters.

Heizou is a new Anemo playable character in Genshin Impact. The other four-star characters in the banners are still unconfirmed. Heizou will be available as a four-star character in both Kazuha and Klee's banners. So, if you're looking to get either Kazuha or Klee, you're in luck as you might also get Heizou.

Shkanoin Heizou is a new playable Anemo character with a cool combat style (it was leaked).

While it is still not sure, it is speculated that in the second phase of 2.8, we will get to pull Yoimiya in her rerun banner.

Yoimiya has been on a lot of players' wish list.

Free Weapon & Character

Hoyoverse is known to give a free four-star reward in each update of Genshin Impact. The rewards are obtained as part of the event completion or something along the lines.

For example, in 2.7, we were given the Fading Twilight for completing the Realms of Guile and War event challenge.

Similarly, in 2.8, players were already expecting a four-star reward, but players would be more than happy to know that the rewards this time include a free four-star character and a new four-star sword.

Fischl is rumored to be a free four-star character with a new skin for her. The Golden Archipelago will be returning in 2.8, and the completion of the event will probably reward players with Fischl and her new skin.

This is assumed as the same was done in 1.6, where a free skin and a free four-star were given.

A new free four-star weapon is a sword that will also be given for free. According to the rumors, the sword resembles the Mistsplitter Reforged but in red color. If this is true, it can go really well with Kazuha's design and the crimson color scheme of his dress.

The original Mistsplitter Reforged which is purple-colored.

How many primos can you save by the time 2.8 arrives?

We all know the struggles of getting primogems and wishing for your favorite characters. But thanks to Hoyoverse and their constant updates, we never run out of primogems. Here's how many primos you can earn by the end of Kazuha's banner.

As rumored, he will be in the first phase of 2.8. We have 23 days (as of writing this article) until the patch comes out on July 13, 2022.

This guide is for all the F2P players, it can also help the whales help save some primogems.
  • Daily Comissions: 1,380 primogems (+2070 primogems if you’ve bought the Blessings of the Welkin Moon)
  • Paimon’s Bargain (June): 800 primogems (5 Wishes)
  • Spiral Abyss: 600 primogems (for getting 36 stars)
  • Hoyolab Daily Check-in: 60 primogems
  • Itto’s Character Trial: 20 primogems
  • Kuki Shinobu’s Hangout Event: 90 primogems
  • A Muddy Bizarre Adventure & Core of the Appartus (events): 840 primogems
  • 2.8 Livestream Codes: 300 primogems
  • Yelan’s Issue Compensation: 100 primogems

So in total, you should be able to save up to 4,190 primogems if you start today. And you will be able to save up to 6,260 primogems if you've bought Blessings of the Welkin Moon, as it gives 90 primogems per day.

4,190 primogems are around 25 pulls, and 6,260 primogems are 39 pulls. If you have a 50/50 chance at this point, you have to pray and hope you get lucky. But, if your next five-star is guaranteed, then you can get some more primogems through Kazuha or Klee's banner run as there will be new events.

If you're a Kazuha wisher and don't have enough primogems, you might still be able to get him during his phase as there will be events. It is understood that he will be in the first phase, which will get hectic. Kazuha's banner will last for 21 days. You will have enough time to earn the required primogems and wish for him.

While 180th wish is a guaranteed pick, it is always a possibility to obtain a five-star before that. Don't give up!

If you're looking to pull for Klee, who is supposed to be in the second phase, you'll have a lot of events throughout 2.8 before the banner is gone to welcome update 2.9.

Additionally, here are some more primogems you can get during the first phase of 2.8.

  • Paimon’s Bargain (July Shop Reset): 800 primogems
  • Kazuha’s Character Trial: 20 primogems
  • Maintenance Compensation: 600 primogems
  • Daily Commisions (for 21 days of whatever banner is in the first phase - according to rumors it is Kazuha): 1,260 primogems
  • Spiral Abyss (Two Resets - 36 stars): 1,200 primogems
  • Two unknown events: 1,420 primogems
  • Hoyolab Daily Check-in: 20 primogems

The above totals to about 5,320 primogems which equals 33 pulls. We haven't included Blessings of Welkin Moon in this case as it might have expired by July as it is a one-month subscription. But, if you have renewed it then the primogems for the first 21 days (first phase) of 2.8 would be equal to 1,890 primogems (90 primogems x 21 days). This will bump the total to 7,210 primogems, equal to 45 wishes.

In total, if you start today from 2.7 and play through the events of 2.8, you can have up to 9,510 primogems which will allow you to wish 59 times on the first banner, which is rumored to be Kazuha's. And with Blessings of Welkin Moon, you will have 13,470 primogems. That is 84 wishes!

You might even have a lot of primogems saved up right now. The above-calculated primogems are assumed starting from 0 primogems. Good luck to all the Kazuha and Klee wishers!

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