Genshin Impact 2.0 Update info reveal

miHoYo reveals a huge update about the incoming Inazuma region, featuring new characters, enemies, and more.

miHoYo, developers of Genshin Impact, have rolled out a new livestream post about the incoming 2.0 update for their hit game. We finally get a glimpse of the upcoming large-scale region called "Inazuma". Along with the sneak peek of the Inazuma Region, the developers also revealed tons of upcoming features and new characters for Update 2.0, which will be live on July 21, 2021.

Inazuma Region

The Inazuma region is another wide-scaled Nation for players to explore.

During the the livestream, the developers discussed the concepts and design ideas that they used for the Inazuma Region. Inazuma is unlike Mondstadt and Liyue, where players are faced with a friendly Archon God. Baal, the Raiden Shogun puts a large emphasis on "Eternity". The entire region represents the Electro Archon's goal about Eternity.


Inazuma is heavily influenced by Japan, and developers report using the Byobugaura Cliffs in Japan to create the Islands of Inazuma. The design team also refers heavily to the Ghibli Media for the vegetation and overall feel of Inazuma. However, unlike the first two regions, Inazuma is filled with danger. The region is divided into multiple Islands that gives players tons of area to explore.


You can solve hidden puzzles by using the power of the Electro.

Inazuma has a lot of hidden puzzles and areas to discover. You will also acquire Electro powers that can be used to complete the puzzles all around Inazuma. One of the new mechanisms in Inazuma is the Bolt Blitz, which allows you to transfer into higher places by using the power of the Electro. Lightning Round and Weaving Lightning are new Electro mechanisms that you can use to defeat enemies.

Enemies and Artifacts

The Mirror Maiden is a new Fatui Enemy in Inazuma.

The new Inazuma update also comes with new enemies to defeat and new Artifact domains to farm.

Inazuma Enemies

The Pyro Hypostasis is a new addition to the Hypostasis Bosses in Genshin Impact.

The Inazuma Region will have a variety of enemies to defeat. Inazuma will have a new Pyro Hypostasis boss that we would need for the new Pyro characters. Aside from this, we also get a glimpse of a new Ruin Guard-type of enemy called Ruin Sentinel and Perpetual Mechanical Array. New humanoid enemies will also appear like the Mirror Maiden from the Fatui and the Ronin Bandits from Inazuma. Maguu Kenki, an enemy in 1.6, will also be transferred to the Inazuma Region.

New Artifact Domains

Genshin Impact 2.0 will have two new artifact sets for players to farm.

New Artifact sets will also be introduced in Update 1.7/2.0. Emblem of Severed Fate is an artifact set that focuses on Energy Recharge. The 4-piece set will also increase your Elemental Burst damage. Shimenawa's Resistance is also another artifact set that players can obtain. This artifact set will focus on increasing your attack and a 4-piece of this set will increase your Normal/Charged/ Plunging attack damage by 50%.

Mystic Offering

You can exchange an artifact set for another type of artifact in the Mystic Offering feature.

Many players have been complaining about the artifact system in Genshin Impact. In update 2.0, players will be able to exchange one artifact set for another artifact set that they want. You can sacrifice three 5-star artifacts for an Artifact Strongbox. The Artifact Strongbox will contain a random artifact. However, before crafting the Artifact Set, players can choose between the 4 types of Artifacts to get what they want.


The new trailer named "The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia" gives us a sneak peek of new upcoming characters including the Raiden Shogun, Baal.

Confirmed Character Banners

Ayaka Kamisato will be released with update 2.0 followed by Yoimiya's banner.

Many players have been waiting for the upcoming characters Ayaka Kamisato and Yoimiya. miHoYo has finally confirmed the character banners launching with the Inazuma update. The first character banner will be the new 5-star cryo character called Kamisato Ayaka. The 4-stars included in her banner are not revealed yet. However, the next 5-star pyro character, Yoimiya, will include the new 4-star Anemo Support Character, Sayu. This character banner will come after Ayaka's banner.

Upcoming Characters

Sangonomiya Kokomi is the leader of the Resistance Group in Inazuma.

Aside from the confirmed banners, miHoYo also showed us the upcoming characters in the new trailer. The Chief Retainer of the Kamisato Clan, Tohma made an appearance. The new trailer shows a new Geo Archer called Gorou. He has animal ears and is the General of the Sangonomiya Resistance. Another character that we see is Sangonomiya Kokomi, the leader of the Sangonomiya Resistance and a talented Military Advisor.

On the other side, we also see Kujou Sara, who is the General of the Tenryou Commission. The Tenryou Commission is loyal to the Raiden Shogun and is handling the Vision Hunt Decree. And finally, we see Baal, which is the Raiden Shogun of Inazuma. All of these characters will be vital in the new Archon Quest and you will meet them when exploring the Inazuma Region.


As players arrive in the Inazuma Region, they are also awarded new craftable weapons and a new weapon system feature called "Epitomized Path".

Craftable Weapons

5 new craftable weapons will be available in update 2.0.

Be sure to save your prototypes before the Inazuma update because you will receive 5 new 4-star weapons that you can forge in Inazuma. You will receive a craftable for each weapon type. However, the stats for each of these weapons are still unknown.

5-star Weapons

2 new 5-star weapons will be released with their respective character banners.

We will also get 2 new 5-star weapons called "Thundering Pulse" and "Mistsplitter Reforged". The Thundering Pulse is a new 5-star bow and the Mistsplitter Reforged is a 5-star sword. We expect that these weapons will launch with their corresponding character banners.

Epitomized Path

The Mikage Furnace is a smelting facility tied to the quest called "Tatara Tales", which is an open-world themed quest.

The Epitomized Path is a new weapon feature in Genshin Impact. Before starting the path, you can choose the weapon you want to obtain. If you did not receive the 5-star weapon that you want in the banner, you will obtain Fate Points. Get enough Fate Points and the next weapon you receive on the Weapon Event Banner will be the one you chose in the Epitomized Path.


Aside from the upcoming characters and weapons, Genshin Impact also included new Gameplay features that players can do during their downtime in exploring the Inazuma Region.

Gardening on Serenitea Pot

You can now place plot lands to do gardening in your Serenitea Pot.

Yes, that is right, we will be receiving a new feature in our Serenitea Pot and that is Gardening. You can place plots of land in your Serenitea Pot and grow plants and ingredients that you can use to craft other items. You will receive a Seeds Dispensary from Madame Ping that will store all of your seeds. You can also get seeds from gathering plants in the world of Genshin Impact.

Upcoming and Returning Events

Beidou will be obtainable in the event called "Thunder Sojourn".

Who doesn't love events? Events can give you numerous rewards such as Primogems (which we all need), Talent Level-up materials, and Mora. Theater Mechanicus will make a return in the event Stage of Wonders. Phantom Flow and Ley Line Overflow will give you tons of rewards for completing the challenges. Lost Riches will also make a return, so be prepared to choose the Seelie that you want! And finally, we see an event called "Thundering Sojourn". Completing this event gives you a chance to get the Electro character, Beidou.


The Raiden Shogun is the key character in the next Archon Quest.

Another feature that is coming live on Update 2.0 is the ability to cross-save between platforms. This is a great feature if you have been waiting to play on multiple platforms. Both Playstation and miHoYo accounts will be linked, so you can play wherever you want. New achievements are also coming for Playstation Users and an improved "Dual Sense" Functionality that gives you more feedback when playing the game.

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