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Whether you’re an experienced player, having put a ton of time into the base game, or a new player just getting into Call of Duty (and Warzone), this guide will be highly informative for you.

The overall gameplay mechanics in Warzone are very similar to your average Call of Duty game, with the exception of some new additions tailored for the Battle Royale mode. Let's take a look at some essential tips that will help you succeed in the battlefield.

Buy Stations

Buy Stations are one of the most important features in Warzone, basically being the "vending machines" of the game.

You can use your cash at these Buy Stations to buy useful items and perks such as Armor, Field Upgrades and even Killstreaks such as Airstrike.

Cash is acquired in Call of Duty: Warzone by looting, eliminating other players or completing contracts. When you take out another player, they will drop not just their gear, but any cash they were carrying.

Buy Stations are marked directly on the map and the on-screen radar, indicated by shopping cart icon.

We recommend that you always visit a Buy Station to purchase critical items such as the Self-Revive Kit. Doing so will ensure that you enter battle fully prepared and therefore have a better chance of success.


There are a number of contracts spread around the map which will help you earn extra money during the game. These contracts appear in each match randomly and can be found by keeping an ear out for a static radio-like noise. They are also marked on your map.

There are three types of contracts: Bounty Contract, Recon Contract and Scavenger Contract.

Bounty Contracts are represented by a "target" icon. Upon starting this contract you will be instructed to eliminate a specific member of another squad and their general location will be marked on your map. You have a set amount of time to complete the contract. If you manage to eliminate the target, more time will be added to your timer and the next member of the squad will be designated as your target. Successfully completing the Bounty Contract will reward you with some cash, loot and XP.

Recon Contracts are represented by a "flag" icon. This contract requires you to upload data while you are also lit up by a flare. The flare is especially dangerous as it notifies the other players of your location. If you successfully complete this contract and upload the data, not only will you receive cash and a loot drop, but also the location of the next circle! The circle location reward makes this contract mission extremely useful.

Scavenger Contracts are represented by a "magnifying glass" icon.

Activating this contract reveals the location of a supply box hidden on the map. There are a total of three supply boxes to find. If you find the second supply crate, it will reveal the location of a third.

Just remember, if a contract is started by one member of the squad, it will be activate for the whole squad. Completing contracts increases your Contract Bonus stat, increasing the rewards gained from subsequent contracts.

Communicate via Pings

Communication with your teammates is a key element in any game, especially in a Battle Royale.

Call Of Duty: Warzone makes it easier for players to communicate in-game without microphones by introducing a ping system. You can use this vital feature to highlight enemies, loot, different equipment such as ammo, guns, etc and other points of interest.

The ping feature can also be used on the map in order to mark a particular point that all your team mates can see. This helps in deciding where your squad should go, or maybe re-group to. The ping feature is also especially useful for people who are mic shy.

Armor Up

Call Of Duty: Warzone does not feature any healing items due to rapid passive health regeneration, and instead of traditional armor such as vests and helmets, you can obtain armor plates. Players are able to hold a total of five plates each, but can only equip three at once. The extras are held in your inventory.

Equipping all three plates increases your base health from 100 HP to a whopping 250 HP (50 HP per plate). While your health might regenerate fairly quickly in Call Of Duty: Warzone, this is balanced out by the fact that you can die relatively quickly as well! So having that extra 150 HP helps a lot during battle.

Note that when you shoot another player who is wearing an armor plate, there will be an armor icon indicator on your display. Eventually a "crackling” sound effect can be heard too, if you manage to hit them enough times and break the armor.


Redeployment is key in Call of Duty: Warzone. For a full rundown of the system, refer to this guide. There are a number of ways to get back into the fight, such as being revived by a teammate or using a self-revive kit.

If you aren't revived you will be transported to the Gulag. Here you need to engage in a one versus one fight against another player.

Losing your Gulag duel will result in elimination. At this point, only a Squad Buyback can save you. Your teammates will likely judge an additional member to be worth the $4500, so don't quit the game - you'll be abandoning your mates!

Level Up Weapons

This particular trick is good for players who are just starting out and have low ranked weapons.

When you are waiting for the game to start in the beginning, simply shoot at other players around the you, which will level up your weapons. Whatever level up progress you made will carry on into the actual match.

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