Gematsu corroborate Chrono Cross remaster reports

Too much fire from two impeccably reliable sources suggests that the Chrono Cross remaster is indeed in the works.

Is a Chrono Cross remaster in the works? According to several different sources, it is.

Unlike Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross remains unavailable to play on most modern platforms.

After the infamous GeForce Now leak revealed information about a potential remake or remaster of Chrono Cross, several reputable insiders in the gaming industry have come forward to claim that they have information that confirms this unannounced project's existence, including, most recently, a report by Gematsu while covering an upcoming collaboration between Chrono Cross and Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space.

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When is Square Enix going to confirm the Chrono Cross remaster?

It's crazy to think that Chrono Cross is not more popular when so many older gamers have fond memories of it.

Chrono Cross is the "less-beloved" sequel to the iconic JRPG title, Chrono Trigger. The game was first released back in 1999 on the original PlayStation and sold 1.5 million units by 2003, prompting a re-release as a Greatest Hits title. The game is currently only available on the PSone but it was released on the PlayStation Network back in 2011.

TLDR; Chrono Cross is long overdue for a remake or remaster.

Roughly around a week ago, an XboxEra podcast appeared to confirm that Chrono Cross is getting a remaster or remake. Fast forward to today and Gematsu also claims to have heard the same information through the grapevine while reporting on the upcoming collaboration. It's worth noting that both Another Eden and Chrono Cross share a writer and composer in Masato Kato and Yasunori, respectively.

We can only imagine the disappointment in case the Chrono Cross remaster or remake rumors end up being false.

What's interesting about this is that the multiple reports claim different things. For example, Gematsu's sources imply that Square Enix isn't going to remake the classic JRPG title. Instead, Chrono Cross is getting a remaster, similar to what Final Fantasy XIII and IX received last decade. However, the information from the aforementioned XboxEra podcast alleges that Square Enix is working on a full remake of Chrono Cross.

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Regardless of whichever of these reports end up being true, fans are probably just happy to know that Chrono Cross is finally getting some love.

As previously mentioned, Chrono Cross is only available on the PlayStation Network and the original PlayStation. Even if the game holds up relatively well, all things considered, it would be awesome to get a chance to play it with better graphics. In particular, making Chrono Cross support higher refresh rates and modern display resolution choices can go a long way.

With that said, fans will find out soon if the collaboration/crossover is just what it is or if it's a precursor for a bigger announcement on December 4.

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