Producer teases Gears of War movie updates coming soon

Dylan Clark believes that there'll be more information about the live-action adaptation of Gears of War soon enough.

Just like Uncharted, Gears of War has been subject to talks of a live-action adaptation for as long as it's been a hit. However, unlike Sony's first-party title, plans for bringing the cover-based shooter haven't gained as much traction - until now.

Batista, The Rock, and John Cena would be the dream trio for a Gears of War movie.

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According to the film's producer, Dylan Clark, fans could hear more about the Gears of War movie adaptation soon. When speaking to The Digital Fix, Clark had a few but very exciting words to share about the long-dormant film. Specifically, Clark mentioned that the movie has been his passion "for a very long time" and he believes that "very soon there will be an announcement."

Although this isn't much to go on, it's nice to hear that the studio behind Gears of War's big-screen adaptation is still interested in it.

The rumored Gears of War remaster collection would tie in perfectly with the Gears of War movie announcement.

Gears of War is one of Microsoft's biggest franchises. After being introduced in 2006, the Gears of War series has become widely considered as one of the most influential shooters of the modern era. The game was the first to emphasize cover-based combat, which has since been adopted by several other titles.

The franchise has spawned, among other things, four highly successful mainline sequels already, with a fifth one expected to arrive by 2024/2025 using Unreal Engine 5.

Interestingly, Clark's statement comes just weeks after Nick Baker mentioned that a Gears of War remaster collection is currently in development. If we're lucky, Microsoft is preparing for a double-whammy of an announcement, revealing more details about the long-awaited Gears of War movie as well as the aforementioned bundle.

Who knows? Maybe Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was alluding to him starring in the Gears of War movie instead of Call of Duty, as many have been led to believe.

We're curious to find out if a Gears of War movie will be a prequel set before the games or in between the events of the original trilogy and Gears 4.

Having said that, the market is prime for video game adaptations.

Over the past few years, gamers have been spoiled rotten with high-quality films based on their movie franchises. You could easily make the case for last year's Mortal Kombat, which is getting a sequel penned by Moon Knight's writer, and the box office hit that is Uncharted to join our list of the best video game films of all time. Not to mention, Uncharted is pretty much confirmed to be getting a sequel with Sonic 2 set to hit theaters on April 8 following its official reveal at TGA 2021.

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