Gears of War creator does not want Chris Pratt in the movie

Cliff Bleszinski and the rest of the internet had a laugh at the Guardians of the Galaxy star's expense over the weekend.

Cliff Bleszinski is making headlines these days after Netflix confirmed that it has secured the rights to make movie and TV adaptations of The Coalition's best-selling franchise, Gears of War.

Gears Of War Creator Does Not Want Chris Pratt Movie
Seriously speaking, Chris Pratt would probably be a good fit for any role in Gears of War.

The game's original designer, Cliff Bleszinski, recently stated that he wants Dave Bautista to star in Netflix's live-action adaptation, to which the former WWE superstar agreed with. But, while Bleszinski is a huge fan of Bautista as Marcus Fenix (as well as Karl Urban and Ryan Reynolds as Marcus and Baird, respectively), he's not too keen on seeing Chris Pratt play any role in the movie.

Bleszinski later lightened up after a fan suggested Pratt play "every Carmine brother".

For those who don't know who they are, the Carmines in Gears of War has become a sort of running gag as they always die in the most hilarious ways.

It's not clear if Cliffy B, as his fans have taken to calling Bleszinski, will get who he wants for Gears of War. But, if Netflix wants as many eyes as possible on its latest video game venture, it wouldn't hurt to listen to the guy who created the franchise. Besides, it's not like Netflix doesn't have a direct line to Reynolds after working with him in Red Notice and The Adam Project. Meanwhile, Karl Urban most recently lent his voice to the Netflix animated film, The Sea Beast.

Gears Of War Creator Does Not Want Chris Pratt Movie
We're hoping that the Gears of War movie will come first before the next Gears of War game.

Netflix recently launched its newest ad-supported plan. It recently announced it will stream its first live show sometime next year with Chris Rock. Also, Chris Pratt will be the voice actor of Mario in the upcoming animated film based on Nintendo's long-time mascot.

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