Gears of War card game gets April release date

Gears of War: The Card Game is a joint collaboration between the game's developers, The Coalition, and tabletop game specialists, Steamforged Games.

The next Gears of War game finally has a release date. Unfortunately, the title is neither a spin-off or another mainline installment.

Gears Of War Card Game Gets April Release Date
Most LCG card games are very approachable and beginner-friendly, so you might as well give this a try if you want to scratch that Gears of War itch.

Steamforged Games, an established name in the board and card game industry, is working together with The Coalition on Gears of War: The Card Game. The card game was officially announced a few weeks ago, so it's surprising to get an update so soon. According to the most recent announcement, Gears of War: The Card Game is coming out on April 10 and it's available for pre-ordering now.

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Unlike a Trading Card Game, Gears of War: The Card Game is a Living Card Game. This eliminates the "collectible" aspect of the card game and purchasing a deck gives you everything you need to fully enjoy. It involves two players going up against each other as the SOG forces and the Locust Horde. Players can use character cards based on individuals who've appeared in the Gears franchise to increase their chances of winning across a 15-scenario campaign.

Gears Of War Card Game Gets April Release Date
Microsoft might want to kickstart the development on the Gears of War franchise now that Halo is struggling.

Gears of War: The Card Game could help tide audiences over until Gears 6 comes out. Keep in mind that nobody expected Gears of War: The Board Game to be as good as it was when it came out in 2011.

Speaking of the Gears series, The Coalition is reportedly working on Gears 6 and a compilation that includes the OG Gears of War trilogy. Finally, Netflix just landed the rights to do a live-action adaptation of Gears of War, which may or may not feature Dave Bautista but definitely not Chris Pratt.

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