Gearbox Delays Borderlands 3 DLC Due to Texas Weather

Gearbox Software's 2019 title, Borderlands 3, will see its latest expansion, the Director's Cut DLC, delayed for a couple more weeks due to the incremental Texas weather.

The Director's Cut DLC is the last piece of post-game content announced for Borderlands 3 as part of the game's second season pass.
The Director's Cut DLC is the last piece of post-game content announced for Borderlands 3 as part of the game's second season pass.

Gearbox Software is a video game development company based in Frisco, Texas. They are most prominently known for their looter-shooter series of titles, Borderlands, which recently saw its third installment released in September 2019.

Gearbox confirmed the delay of the Director's Cut add-on via an official post on their website.

There, Gearbox explained that although they were safe, their work on the DLC was "unavoidably disrupted". As a result, they decided to push back the release date from March 18 to April 8. This was to help ensure that they are able to "deliver the best possible experience".

What’s New in the Director’s Cut DLC?

The Director's Cut is the latest DLC scheduled to hit Borderlands 3. It was first revealed in Episode 9 of the Borderlands Show last February 10. It will include a bunch of content that will help make Borderlands 3 even more fun to play for fans itching for more content.

The main highlight of the Director's cut DLC is the addition of an all-new raid boss.

The giant Varkid that will arrive in Borderlands 3 will be what's hiding behind "the door" that has piqued the curiosity of Borderlands 3 fans since the launch of the game years ago. However, in addition to the raid boss, the Director's Cut DLC will come with even more reasons to sink more hours into this addicting looter-shooter.

Included in the new add-on is a series of murder mystery missions that will take players through a brand new locations.

The said missions will have players acting as a co-host to Ava as the two of you investigate all the mysterious incidents that have happened in multiple areas in the game. This includes Pandora and Promethea among others.

Players are encouraged to keep an eye out for easter eggs, as well as potential hints and secrets that may tease future content.

Other notable additions to Borderlands 3 that will be included in the Director's Cut DLC is a sneak-peek into the game's development. Players will get a chance to see everything from cut content to bloopers. Also included in the said content is a gallery showcasing storyboards, concept art, and footage that will detail the game during its development phase.

What’s Next for Borderlands 3?

Borderlands 3 was one of the first older-gen games to receive an update to support the improved capabilities of next-gen consoles.

Gearbox made sure that the update would arrive on the day and date of the release of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X. The said update is free for anyone who already owned Borderlands 3. The update allowed players to enjoy Borderlands 3 in 60 frames per second in 4K resolution. This improved performance is available in both single-player and online co-op.

The Director's Cut DLC is the second content announced for the game's second Season Pass. The first part, the Designer's Cut, was released earlier in November 2020.

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