Gangs & Factions in Cyberpunk 2077

Control of Night City is mostly divvied up between a number of gangs, save for the scarce few areas where the corporations rule supreme. There is a total of ten different factions confirmed so far, with a high possibility that more exist in the game, or could be added later.

We will update this article as new ones are revealed accordingly.

Gang Territory Infographic


Location: Pacifica, Grand Imperial Mall
Members: 2500 - 3000
Threat Level: High

The aggressive jocks of Night City, the Animals are known for their strength, gained through taking different supplements and steroids including their proprietary mix called "The Juice". They are a street-fighting gang from Pacifica that does not rely too heavily on the use of Cyberware, but does utilize it. You will usually find the members of The Animals faction as the bar bouncers thanks to their large, imposing stature. Seeking to achieve the peak of natural human strength, they buff themselves up physically as well as using strength-enhancing Cyberware, though some hardliners consider it "cheating". Rivals of the Voodoo Boys looking to push into Pacifica, The Animals have a secret partnership with NetWatch, the cybersecurity group that created the Blackwall and is trying to prevent data from the old net from corrupting the new net.

Their current leader is Sasquatch.


Location: Throughout Night City
Members: Unknown
Threat Level: Medium

The Scavengers, or "Scavs" are a loosely organised, city-wide gang with strong Russian ties. Most members speak Russian, are ethnically eastern-European, spray Cyrillic graffiti to mark their territory, dress in keeping with stereotypical "gopnik" style and sport Soviet Cyberware. They are known to kidnap or kill civillians and other gangsters alike to forcibly harvest their Cyberware and organs for resale on the black market, usually using up all of their "donor's" body. Depending on the season, they keep trading places with the Maelstrom as the gang with the highest kill count, but their lack of organisation and tendency to target only the weak make the NCPD consider them less of a threat.

Their current leader is unknown.

The Mox

Location: Kabuki, Lizzie's bar
Members: 200 - 250
Threat Level: Low

The Mox faction was formed after the death of Elizabeth "Lizzie" Borden, who was a strip club owner and former prostitute that treated her workers fairly and protected them from violent clients. Borden killed a Tyger Claws member after they raped and murdered a working girl, to which the gang retaliated. The Mox were formed by Lizzie's employees in honor of their protector. The Mox comprises of punks and adult entertainment workers who consider themselves as the protectors of the working girls and boys in the adult entertainment industry. Instead of controlling a specific area as their "turf", The Mox rather control a number of businesses and establishments, with a near-monopoly on braindance bars in Night City. They also have their hands elbow deep in prostitution and other forms of illicit trade as sources of income.

Their leader is Susie.


Location: Heywood
Members: 6000
Threat Level: Medium-High

Though initially the Valentinos only cared about seducing as many women as possible, they grew into an actual criminal organisation over time. By 2077, the Valentinos are one of the strongest gangs in Night City. The gang consists mostly of Latin Americans and is based on a strong moral code and century-old traditions. They value honor, justice and brotherhood above all and are also responsible for the majority for the street races and parties. Alongside a cadre of legitimate businesses, many of which act as fronts for illegal ones, they maintained their tradition of being womanizers and meet 4 times a year to "compare scores".

The Valentinos' code of honor also includes specific punishments for specific transgressions. Jackie Welles is a highly skilled Spanish-speaking assassin, who was a member of the Valentinos. He joined the gang when he was a teenager and left it after his mother discovered he was a member. He started working as a mercenary but still holds their values. Jackie joins V as his sidekick in the Cyberpunk 2077 storyline. The Valentinos have an on-going conflict with 6th Street.

Their current leader is unknown.


Location: Watson, Kabuki, Northside Industrial District
Members: 1300
Threat Level: Extreme

Maelstorm is one of the deadliest and most dangerous gangs in Night City. A result of the merging of the Metal Warriors with the Red Chrome Legion and Ironsights, three Cyberware-obsessed gangs all of which had rivalries with The Inquisitors, Maelstrom is full of the most brutal criminals in Night City. Pushing the boundaries of just how much offensive cyberware a body can host, a full third of their members are clinical Cyberpsychos with many more on the borderline. Their history with the Inquisitors is long and bloody, with the other gang responsible for the near-destruction of the Metal Warriors. Back then, they adhered to a code of honor, but since the reorganization that has been abandoned, making any innocent civilian a potential victim. They are known to brutally murder random bystanders just for fun, and occasionally kidnap people to forcibly implant large quantities of Cyberware against their will, pushing them into cyberpsychosis. Alongside the Scavs, they sport the largest killcount.

The gang's sources of income are assassination and heist jobs, with the Maelstrom having a reputation of taking jobs nobody else would. They don't shy away from corporate targets, or smuggling operations that constitute infringing on other gangs' markets. They also operate the Totentanz club, a large abandoned factory where members of any gang are welcome as long as they adhere to Maelstrom rules. All forms of substance abuse and violent conflict resolution are encouraged in Totentanz, and the members consider any evening with a bodycount under a dozen to be a boring one.

Their current leader is Royce.

Tyger Claws

Location: Westbrook, Japantown, Kabuki, Little China
Members: 5500
Threat Level: Medium-High

The Tyger Claws are a gang of Japanese origin. With a focus on intimidating looks and combat cyberware, they can be incredibly ruthless and violent if need be. Their focus on Japanese tradition has members often wielding classic melee weapons and utilize martial arts when fighting. You can easily recognize a Tyger Claws member by their unique luminous tattoos and street bikes. They are excellent at hiding their shady business through overground businesses and are known to pry on the morally corrupt. They take advantage of pleasure-seeking tourists in Night City. Similar in philosophy to the Yakuza, they prefer legitimate or near-legitimate businesses, however if an opponent crosses them, they are capable of extreme acts of sadism. They are rumored to have ties to the Arasaka corporation.

Their current leader is unknown.

Voodoo Boys

Location: Pacifica
Members: 50-250
Threat Level: Low

The Voodoo Boys are a Haitian gang hailing from the most dangerous part of Night City, Pacifica. The group consists of netrunners and elite hackers. The Voodoo Boys are devoted to uncovering the secrets of the Old Net and the Blackwall secrets. They can also program viruses that can freeze neural networks. Their previous incarnations was known for killing, raping, and torturing their victims, and even perform "voodoo" rituals to inspire terror, but the Voodoo Boys of 2077 are vastly less dangerous. Their apparent interest in the occult has diminished, with focus being shifted almost entirely to netrunning and hacking. This lowered their threat level to Low, but when they are on the net, they're more dangerous than any other gang. They are one of the least organised gangs, and also one of the most secretive.

Currently, the Voodoo Boys spend time trying to breach the Blackwall, a hyper-advanced firewall containing the 'old net' which was irrevocably corrupted during the data crash. The old net is full of advanced malware called Daemons, as well as various machine-learning AIs that continued to run and edit themselves after the Blackwall sealed the old net, with nobody being able to guess what they evolved into. To the Voodoo Boys, all that old data is treasure, but nobody who ever tried passing the Blackwall ever came back, so they want to break it down, risking the entire modern network.

They are rivals of The Animals, who are backed by Netwatch, creators and maintainers of the Blackwall.

They are led by Brigitte.

6th Street

Location: Santo Domingo, Heywood
Members: 2300
Threat Level: Medium

The 6th Street Gang was initially formed by the veterans of the 4th Corporate War to serve and protect the residents of the Vista Del Rey district of Night City. The group was formed due to the percieved corruption and ineptitude the Night City Police Department (NCPD), so the veterands decided to pick up the guns again and serve justice as they see fit. Quickly this particular brand of justice became blatantly self serving. Still parading "old-fashioned American patriot" values on the outside, the gang is no different than any other criminal organisation, running illegal businesses for funding as well as stealing and murdering anyone they see fit. Their outfits combine the "tacticool" pseudo-military style with overt patriotic imagery. As long as they stick to their own turf the Corporations generally tolerate them.

Despite all this 6th Street has a reputation of always paying on time when a job is done, and don't backtrack on agreements. They have a standing conflict with the Valentinos over turf.

Their current leader is unknown.


Location: Badlands
Members: Unknown, est. 300-1200
Threat Level: High

Part of a subculture - if "culture" is at all applicable - of nomads called Raffen Shiv, representing the most hated outcasts whom even other nomads shun, the Wraiths are a violent raiding party haunting the Badlands. Usually attacking unaware victims as they sleep under the cover of darkness, the Wraiths are brutal and violent without any civilized inhibitions. More feral than human, Wraiths are just as likely to fight among themselves as they are to attack others. That said, some corporations turn to them for the most unseemly of jobs, since they charge very low prices, but arranging meetings is always a logistical nightmare, because they're as likely to kill the contact as they are to talk to them. Their leader allegedly wears clothing sewn from human skin.

The Wraiths and the Aldecaldos are constantly fighting for dominance in the Badlands.

Their current leader is Dogkiller.


Location: Badlands
Members: 500-600 in Night City vicinity, over 10,000 in the country
Threat Level: Medium

One of the Seven Nomad Nations roaming the wilds of North America, the Aldecaldos were the first true Nomad family to form in Los Angeles almost a century ago. Some of them are currently camping near Night City, and are constantly fighting against the Raffen Shiv gang called the Wraiths for control over the area. Nomads are traditionally skeptical of city folk, but since they are not Raffen Shiv the Aldecaldos are more open and friendly towards V, especially if they also have a Nomad life-path.

Their current leader is Santiago Aldecaldo.

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