GameStop destroys copies of Overwatch 1

Copies of Overwatch will no longer be for sale as the sequel moves to a free-to-play model.

Overwatch 2 launched this week to much fanfare. Many players and critics are satisfied with the changes for the sequel but the game also experienced some issues during launch. The hero shooter moved to a free-to-play and digital-only model, rendering the physical discs of the original game worthless.

GameStop has reportedly ordered employees to destroy copies of Overwatch 1.
GameStop has reportedly ordered employees to destroy copies of Overwatch 1.

Retailer GameStop has reportedly ordered employees to destroy physical copies of Overwatch 1. Stores can no longer sell Overwatch 1 as the game files will be overwritten when the sequel is installed, in a move similar to other games moving to digital-only ecosystems such as Destiny.

A GameStop employee and TikTok user ksihinata recently uploaded a video showing an email directive from the retailer to destroy copies of the game. The method of dealing with obsolete copies of games varies from one company to another.


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While the practice of destroying discs is frowned upon, the copies are useless now that Overwatch has migrated its servers to OW2. The most a player can do with these copies is display them on a shelf or keep them as a collector’s item.

Gamers who want a physical copy may contact their local GameStop outlet to check if they still have any in stock. The retailer has been known to sell copies of these games at a much lower price or give them away for free as a decorative piece.

Gamers who want a copy of Overwatch 1 as a keepsake can check with their local GameStop outlet.
Gamers who want a copy of Overwatch 1 as a keepsake can check with their local GameStop outlet.

While some gamers treasure physical copies of Overwatch 1 as collector’s items, others have thought of inventive ways to use the discs. Players have used them as drink coasters, or like Reddit user Blast_Typhon, a pizza cutter. The post has gotten 3.9K upvotes and counting.

Stuck with an irrelevant disc? Look no further. from Overwatch

Another user ramavalos90 posted an image using the drink coaster. The post has received 11.4K upvotes and other users have been replying with other suggestions on how to use the discs. One user commented that it is a very expensive coaster at $60.

Blizzard launched Overwatch 2 on October 4 and many players have had a difficult time logging in - Diablo 3 flashbacks anyone? It was reported that the servers have been the target of DDoS attacks which caused the queue for the game to be quite long.

Blizzard has deployed fixes for the long queue and other known issues that players have encountered at launch. The servers were down for a brief period while the patch was being deployed. The servers are now back online, however players may still be encountering longer queues during the weekend rush.

Overwatch 2 is free-to-play and is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch, which you can download straight from the game's website, the game stores of your console of choice, or via the Battle.Net desktop app. 

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