Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

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The game develops a setting common to the entire Uncharted series. Game played from a third-person perspective, with the player in control of Nathan "Nate" Drake. This is a person passionately carried away by historical riddles, promising a reward in the form of hidden treasures.


Drake can run with acceleration, make jumps, swim, climb up. Sometimes he demonstrates something completely acrobatic. For confrontation with opponents, he uses the art of hand-to-hand combat with a variety of attacks, including a battle with several opponents simultaneously. He also has a surprise concerning dealing with firearms. Weapons and ammunition he picks up from the defeated opponents.
From time to time, further movement in the game requires the hero to find solutions to puzzles, using his diary and the hints of the game itself.
Nathan with his mentor Victor Sullivan travels in search of the lost city. List of locations includes the streets of London, cities and deserts on the Middle East, a château in France etc.

Visuals and other features

The game features new innovations in sand, fire, smoke, and water dynamics and effects; it also adds to the movement of the characters, more realistic textures and animations.

Release Date

Nov 01, 2011

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9 hours

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Teen: Blood, Language, Violence

Interesting Facts

  • It is the third main entry in the Uncharted series.
  • The single-player story follows Nathan Drake and his mentor Victor Sullivan as they search for the legendary lost city of Iram of the Pillars while battling a mercenary group led by Sullivan’s former employer, Katherine Marlowe.
  • Drake is physically adept and can jump, sprint, climb, swim, scale narrow ledges and wall faces to get between points, and perform other acrobatic actions.
  • Uncharted 3 also features expanded and diverse traversal moves with deep gunplay.
  • Drake can be equipped with up to two firearms – one single-handed and one two-handed – and four grenades.
  • Similarly to Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Uncharted 3 includes a separate multiplayer component with network play, featuring competitive and co-operative modes of play.
  • Uncharted 3 will introduce free-for-all modes.
  • A Buddy System has also been implemented into multiplayer.

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Third person

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