Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments

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Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments is an adventure whodunnit by Frogware. The studio specializes on Sherlock Holmes games. 'Crimes and Punishments' is six out of seven games in the series.


The player takes a role of Sherlock Holmes — famous detective. The game consists of 6 non-related cases.
The first accentuation in levels is made in investigating the crime scene and searching for clues. After the examinations section comes the deduction one — the player must interconnect the evidence and find out who the culprit is. The burden of punishment is also on the playing one, thus the game title.


Three out of the six cases — The Fate of Black Peter, The Riddle on the Rails and The Abbey Grange Affair are reminiscent of the original Conan Doyle stories. Thus, the narrative flow and plot twists are adapted from the original whodunnit as well.


One of the key features of the game is the possibility to guess the culprit wrong ergo making the false accusation. This, in turn, would affect the outcome of further cases. However, with the cases not being firmly tied down together, the impact of player's mistakes is insignificant. The loading screen as it appears rarely provides one with not only the loading bar but also the evidence to inspect and clues to examine thus using the loading time fully.

Release Date

Sep 30, 2014

Metacritic Score



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Play Time

12.5 hours

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Mature 17+: Blood, Drug Reference, Violence

System Requirements

  • CPU: AMD/INTEL Dual-Core 2.4 Ghz
  • RAM: 2048 MB
  • GPU: 1024 MB 100% DirectX 9 AND Shaders 4.0 compatible AMD Radeon HD 4890/NVIDIA GEFORCE GTS 450/INTEL IRIS PRO 5200 or higher
  • HDD: 14 GB

Interesting Facts

  • The game takes place in London and its suburbs in 1894 and 1895 with gameplay focused on finding the right culprit and making the moral choice of absolving or condemning them.
  • The game is split into six cases of murders, disappearances and thefts written in the tradition of Doyle novels.
  • Sherlock Holmes is the main playable character with Dr. Watson, Toby (a Basset Hound) and Constable Marrow playable briefly.
  • Each case will have 3-5 possible solutions; in total there will be 6-10 different endings for each case.
  • The game offers 14 investigation mechanics.
  • There are two camera views available – a first person point of view and a static third person camera.
  • A mechanic called “Sherlock Vision” helps in highlighting evidence that would otherwise be missed.

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Number of maps


Third/First Person

First person and Third person

Game Engine

Unreal Engine 3

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