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"The idea that someone may be linking into my study, reading all of my books, disturbs me..." <br/><br/>Experience the stunning sequel to Myst and Riven, a complex tale of betrayal and revenge that only you can successfully unravel. Myst III: Exile plunges you into an adventure so real, you'll forget it's a game.<br/><br/>- Five entirely new Ages to explore<br/>- Hours of new mysteries to uncover<br/>- Dramatic new storyline<br/>- Free-look Movement System - View 360° at every location<br/>- Rich music and riveting cinematics

Release Date

May 07, 2001

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Play Time

7.5 hours

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System Requirements


  • CPU: 233 MHz Pentium II or 300 MHz K6-2 or faster
  • RAM: 64 MB
  • GPU: 8 MB DirectX 8-compatible video card (3D acceleration optional)
  • HDD: 250 MB


  • CPU: 233 MHz G3 processor or faster
  • RAM: 64 MB
  • GPU: Required 6 MB video card supporting millions of colors
  • HDD: 200 MB

Interesting Facts

  • Myst III: Exile is the third title in the Myst series of graphic adventure puzzle video games.
  • The player assumes the role of a friend of Atrus.
  • The player explores immersive, pre-rendered environments known as “Ages” by using either mouse clicks or the space bar for movement from set nodes across each Age.
  • Exile uses a “free look” system which gives the player a 360-degree field of view at each node.
  • Players begin their journey on the Age of J’nanin.
  • Exile begins 10 years after the events of Riven, when the player arrives at Tomahna.
  • The developers used live-action sequences instead of computer-generated actors and props.

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