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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories is an action-adventure driving and urban crime themed game co-developed by Rockstar Leeds and Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. Often shortened to GTA Vice City Stories, it was released for the Sony PSP in October 2006.

GTA Vice City Stories was a PlayStation Portable exclusive game. Due to its success, it was later released on the PlayStation 2 console. This is the fifth Grand Theft Auto game to come to handheld consoles.

GTA Vice City Stories is part of the 3D universe canon of the Grand Theft Auto series.

Plot and location

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories takes place two years before the events of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The game's setting has several areas that differ from the 1986 version of Vice City, such as buildings and establishments that are still under construction.

This time, you take the role of Victor Vance as the protagonist. Vance and his brother Lance Vance previously appeared in GTA Vice City as minor characters. In addition, Vice City Stories sees many of the characters and voice actors from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City reprising their roles. These include Phil (Gary Busey), Ricardo Diaz (Luis Guzman), Lance Vance (Philip Michael Thomas), and Umberto Robina (Danny Trejo).


The story revolves around Vic's attempts to build a criminal empire alongside his brother Lance while clashing with rival gangsters, drug lords and other foes.


GTA Vice City Stories is structured like any other release in the Grand Theft Auto series, both with the storyline and with the game controls. The core game consists of third-person shooting mechanics and driving game elements. The game allows the player to roam a vast open environment, whether on foot, by walking, running, swimming, and jumping. Players can also steal and drive different vehicles such as cars, boats, planes, helicopters, and motorcycles.

In combat encounters, the player can use weapons and basic melee combat. On that note, GTA Vice City Stories revamped the combat system. The aiming mechanism is optimized for "Smart Aim". Enemies that threaten or attack the player are targeted via walkers.

The biggest change to hand-to-hand combat is the proximity system. Players can now grapple, throw, and stand on prone enemies.

The traditional Wanted mechanic when committing crimes also received some changes. Players can now bribe police officers and hospital staff when they are Wasted or Busted to lower their wanted level and retain weapons that would otherwise be lost, respectively.

GTA Vice City Stories players can also participate in various optional side missions. It includes traditional side missions from past games, such as playing the role of a taxi driver, putting out a fires as a firefighter, taking the injured to the hospital in an ambulance, or fighting crime as a vigilante.

One new open mission in the game is Beach Patrol. The player can be a lifeguard on Vice City's saving citizens' lives and eliminating local gangs that operate on the beach areas. Another new gameplay element in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories is players being good Samaritans who can earn small cash bonuses by rescuing pedestrians and fighting against enemy gang members.

Visuals and other features

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories has a multiplayer mode for the PSP that can be played over WiFi. There are 10 game modes available and these multiplayer games include the use of cars, planes and watercraft. Up to 6 players can simultaneously play through this method at once. However, the Playstation 2 version does not have this multiplayer feature.

The PS2 version of Vice City Stories was announced for the PlayStation 3 digital release in 2012 included in the PlayStation 2 Classics. This was released via PlayStation Network in April 2013. However, it has since been removed from PSN.

The Playstation 2 port of GTA Vice City Stories did feature improved graphics (including the addition of bloom effects), enhanced draw distance, performance improvements, and tweaks to the visuals. There are also new animations, faster load times, fewer instances of pedestrians and vehicles stacking in a clump, more realistic explosions and debris particle effects, and increased the density of objects in the open world maps.

The port also includes some features that the PSP version didn't have. There are additional activities, odd jobs, 6 additional unique stunt jumps, 5 additional rampages, and a bonus Easter Egg.

Release Date

Oct 31, 2006


Play Time

15.5 hours

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Mature 17+: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content, Use of Drugs

Interesting Facts

  • Victor Vance’s voice changes between games. In Vice City Stories, he has a typical American accent, but in GTA Vice City, Victor speaks with a thick Colombian accent.
  • Singer Phil Collins makes an appearance in the game. This marks the first time in the series that a real-life celebrity appears in a Grand Theft Auto game.
  • GTA Vice City Stories is the only 3D Universe game to feature checkpoints. Later games in the HD Universe like Grand Theft Auto V would revisit this mechanic.
  • There was a bug that reset Victor’s health to 100% after completing Air Rescue when reloading a save in the PSP version. This was fixed on PS2.
  • Philip Michael Thomas, who played Crockett’s partner Rico Tubbs in Miami Vice, also returned to provide the voice of Lance Vance in GTA Vice City Stories.

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