Grand Theft Auto III


Grand Theft Auto III is an open-world action game, a part of the criminal franchise GTA. As the first in the series 3D game with high-quality textures, GTA III became exemplary in its genre.

The action is located in fictional Liberty City. Its map is divided into three parts – each becomes available gradually, depending on the storyline progress. The player takes control of the character from the third-person view.

The classic feature of GTA III is the ability to interact with the world: explore the map either on foot or by car, contact with other characters, visit weapon stores and shoot everywhere. Although GTA III is another chapter of the franchise, its plot is unique.


The story begins with the dynamic bank robbery. During the heist scene, the main character (silent and unnamed for the whole game) gets betrayed by his accomplice Catalina. By good fortune, the protagonist escapes from imprisonment and starts making both ends meet in Liberty City after being deceived. Therefore, his only wish – also the main idea of the storyline – to take the revenge on the former partner.

Release Date

Oct 22, 2001


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Mature 17+: Blood, Strong Language, Violence

System Requirements


  • CPU: Pentium III 450 MHz CPU
  • GPU: 16 MB Direct3D Video Card
  • RAM: 96 MB
  • HDD: 500MB


  • CPU: 700 MHz CPU
  • GPU: 32 MB Direct3D Video Card
  • RAM: 128 MB
  • HDD: 500MB

Interesting Facts

  • Set in the fictional Liberty City in 2001, Grand Theft Auto III begins a new continuity separated from its predecessors.
  • The game’s narrative follows the adventures of Claude, a silent criminal who was betrayed by his girlfriend Catalina during a bank heist.
  • There are different districts in Liberty City. It consists of three islands – Portland, Staunton Island, and Shoreside Vale.
  • Development was shared between DMA Design, based in Edinburgh, and Rockstar, based in New York City.
  • Grand Theft Auto III was the first Grand Theft Auto title to feature a first-person perspective, when looking around, aiming the M16 or the Sniper Rifle, and when driving.
  • This is the only game in the 3D Universe to include the ability to switch to a top-down camera view in third-person perspective.
  • Grand Theft Auto III is considered to be the first 3D game in the series.
  • Grand Theft Auto III features about three-and-a-half hours of in-game radio material.
  • It became the best-selling video game of 2001, and sold over 14.5 million copies by March 2008.

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