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A letter from a dead mother, a mysterious phone call and a forgotten childhood lead Ellen, a young woman, and Keats, a journalist working for a paranormal magazine, to Doolin - a sleepy Irish village that hides a gateway to the Netherworld and the answers to a 17-year-old mystery.

You play as either of the lead characters as you venture into a series of seven outlandish realms, each packed with nightmarish creatures. Your goal is to speak with the dead, whose memories hold the key to unravelling the past.

The key to progressing in the game is to capture the various Folks - the nightmarish creatures that inhabit the Netherworld - harnessing and combining their powers to defeat strong enemies.

Release Date

Jun 21, 2007


Play Time

14.5 hours


Teen: Alcohol Reference, Blood, Fantasy Violence, Mild Language, Mild Suggestive Themes

Interesting Facts

  • The game is set in Ireland and the Celtic Otherworld of Irish mythology.
  • Folklore is an action role-playing game, where players control characters in a third-person view to both explore their surroundings and engage in combat.
  • Players have a choice to play the game as either of the two lead protagonists, the young woman Ellen or the journalist Keats.
  • The game is split into two worlds: Doolin and Netherworld.
  • The two playable characters themselves also differ between play styles.
  • The game takes place in the present day.

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Third/First Person

Third person


PlayStation 3

Protagonist sex


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