Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride

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DRAGON QUEST V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride–the second installment in the
Zenithia Trilogy–makes its way to North America for the first time.
Follow a journey that crosses three generations of a family’s legacy in
a classic RPG brimming with new ideas, numerous lands to explore,
multiple branches to enhance replayability, and dozens of your favorite
DRAGON QUEST monsters. What begins as an innocent childhood voyage of a
boy following alongside his father’s journey soon develops into an
eye-opening adventure of a brave young man traveling the world as he
faces life-altering decisions that transcend generations. You – a hero
in the making – determine your own path, choose your wife, and befriend
a wagonload of quirky monsters along the way. Indulge in the colorful
DRAGON QUEST world created by Yuji Horii, combined with the charming
characters and monsters designed by Akira Toriyama and memorable
soundtrack from famed composer Koichi Sugiyama to create an
unforgettable gaming experience.


  • Journey through a beautifully rendered 3D world, with dynamic
    dual-screen presentation and newly animated monsters
  • Recruit a unique cast of DRAGON QUEST monsters and create an
    indestructible party of your own
  • Brace yourself for some life-altering decision making – a key decision
    will affect the outcome of the game, and change the course of the
    hero's life forever

Visuals and other features

  • Take a breather from the main quest with addicting mini-games like
    Bruise the Ooze, T'n'T, the Slurpodrome, and the Tombola
  • Collect and customize knick-knacks from around the DRAGON QUEST world
    to create a personalized Knick-knackatory. With the wireless
    capabilities of Nintendo DS, players can now exchange their creations
    with friends for a one-of-a-kind collection of rare items

Release Date

Feb 17, 2009

Metacritic Score



Play Time

30.5 hours

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Everyone 10+

Interesting Facts

  • Dragon Quest V follows in the footsteps of Dragon Quest IV by having unique divisions between segments of the game.
  • Throughout the game, many special items called knick-knacks may be collected by the player.
  • There are multiple vehicles in the game used for traveling to various locations.
  • Combat screens now have background images, as in the first game.
  • The original SNES version only allows three active party members instead of four.
  • Dragon Quest V features a more advanced party AI than Dragon Quest IV.
  • The Hero is, in the early chapters of the game, a six-year-old boy who travels all around the world along with his father, Pankraz.
  • Dragon Quest V is set many years after the Zenithian Hero defeated Psaro on its previous installment, Dragon Quest IV.

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