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Company of Heroes is an RTS game set during the WWII, featuring an extensive single-player campaign and various multiplayer modes. One of the fundamental differences from other strategies of the time is the dynamic environment and complete destruction of almost any object on the map.


The game starts with the invasion of Normandy by the Allied forces and leads through Europe. The almost cinematic experience of every battle allows players to immerse in the darkest hours of humankind fully. The warfare itself in the game is exceptionally refined, featuring cover systems and different damage types, making players plan their movements, know their enemies and know themselves. However, not every battle is won by plans, and thus, reaction to the surroundings also plays a significant role.

Visuals and other features

Company of Heroes successfully reimagined how WWII RTS should look like and play like, with its different squad compositions, various routes to be taken, and new challenges in the form of multiplayer battles with players who will try to outcompete you, outplay you and overrun your forces.

Release Date

Sep 11, 2006

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Play Time

19.5 hours

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Mature 17+: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language

System Requirements


  • CPU: 2.0 Ghz Intel Pentium IV or equivalent or AMD Athlon XP or equivalent
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • GPU: DirectX 9.0c compatible 64MB video card with Pixel Shader 1.1 support or equivalent and latest manufacturer drivers
  • HDD: 9 GB


  • CPU: 3.0 Ghz Intel Pentium IV or equivalent
  • RAM: 1 MB
  • GPU: 256 MB NVIDIA GeForce 6800 series or better
  • HDD: 5 GB

Interesting Facts

  • Company of Heroes is set during the Second World War and contains two playable factions.
  • In the single-player campaign the player commands two U.S. military units during the Battle of Normandy (Operation Overlord) and the liberation of France (Operation Cobra).
  • Company of Heroes allows multiplayer matches of 1-8 players via LAN or the Internet.
  • Company of Heroes allows players to fight as both the Allied and Axis forces in multiplayer matches.
  • These games focus on controlling several victory points around the middle of the map.
  • Annihilation games lack the victory points of the VPC game mode.
  • Players collect three resources: manpower, munitions, and fuel.
  • Company of Heroes received widespread acclaim, winning multiple awards for the best strategy game of the year, and being considered one of the best video games ever made.

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Essence EngineHavok

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