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The first console installment in the series, Call of Duty: Finest Hour is a game developed by Spark Unlimited for consoles such as the PS2, Xbox, and GameCube. Released in 2004, the game was based on the original PC version of Call of Duty, but has a different storyline. The game consists of six related stories from the experiences of soldiers from Allied nations.

The campaign can be divided into three parts i.e. Soviet, British and American. In the Soviet campaign, you take on the character of Private Aleksandr Sokolov who is under the command of Sergeant Puskov in the Battle of Stalingrad. After the death of his commanding officer, Sokolov teams up with a female sniper named Tanya Pavelovna. The pair battles german soldiers and eventually come upon a tractor factory supervised by Major Nikolai.Major Nikolai later on leads an assault on German airfield at Tatsisnkaya.


The British campaign follows the story of Edward Carlyle. Carlyle, along with his commanding officer, Sergeant Starkey attacks a German fortress to destroy a fuel depot. They hop on a jeep to evacuate the premises, killing many germans in the process. Ultimately, the pair reaches and helps in protecting a besieged British fortress.

The American Campaign is based around the experiences of Sergeant Chuck Walker and tank commander Sam Rivers, both of whom play a role in the attack on Aachen. After Aachen is captured, Rivers is sent to protect the town of Tillet. Walker helps in clearing the Ludendorf Bridge so that Rivers’ tank squad would be able to advance into Germany. The plot is set in locations such as the Eastern Front, North Africa, and the Western Front.

The Gameplay is fairly simple as you would expect from a game from the time. The overall visuals and graphics aren’t anything to behold even by 2004 standards.

Depending on the console, Call of Duty: Finest Hour is able to support both online and local multiplayer. The game does not offer online multiplayer for the GameCube but PlayStation 2 and Xbox have online play support. With Xbox Live support, up to 32 players were able to play locally through System Link. The PS2 port of the game can also support up to 16 players in one session.

Release Date

Nov 16, 2004


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Teen: Blood, Violence

Interesting Facts

  • Call of Duty: Finest Hour was a commercial success earning over $45 million in the US. It was ranked as the 41st highest-selling console game( PS2, Xbox, Gamecube) between 2000 to 2006, by Next Generation.
  • The game received mixed reviews from critics, mainly due to its highly unrealistic gameplay antics and poorly optimized graphics.
  • The voice for British Sergeant Starkey was provided by AC/DC singer Brian Johnson, who based the character’s voice on his father, who had been a sergeant-major.
  • The Russian Campaign of the game has uncanny similarities with Jean-Jacques Annaud’s 2001 movie ‘Enemy at the Gates’.
  • Some in-game characters shared names with characters from the movie. Moreover, certain scenes such as the machine gun charge, boat landing, and the whole tractor factory defense were also clearly inspired by the movie.
  • Spark Unlimited spent a total of $8 million on developing the game, which is four times the budget allocated to them by Activision. This also led to the cancellation of a planned sequel to the game.
  • Activision had to outsource certain single-player missions to third-party developers, which delayed the game’s release. The multiplayer mode was initially added to justify the delay in the release date.
  • Call of Duty: Finest Hours’ PlayStation 2 servers remained active for quite a long time active up until mid-2013, alongside some of the series’ biggest multiplayer titles known to date.

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