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Return to the thick of the Second World War in Call of Duty 3. Released in November of 2006, Call of Duty 3 takes the best features from the previous COD 1 and 2 and adds new innovations. Close Quarter Battles (CQB) make their introduction in this entry, featuring special quick time events when engaged by the enemy in melee. Make the right choices or be killed by the opposing soldier.

The single-player campaign lets you take control of soldiers from the Allied Forces, including the American, British, Canadian, and Polish armies. Multiplayer becomes more intense with the ability to affect the battlefield environment, including destroying cover!


Plot and location

During the American missions, the player takes control of Private Nichols, who has just arrived in France and is eventually transferred to the 29th Infantry Division. He meets other members of Sgt. Frank McCullin, Cpl. Mike Dixon and Pvt. Leroy Huxley. Nichols and his team participate in the capture of Saint-Lo, where they meet Pfc. Salvadore Guzzo, a radio operator was part of the team.

Later In the British and French campaign, the player controls Sgt. James Doyle, a returning character from Call of Duty: United Offensive and a member of the British Special Air Service. Doyle boarded a jeep driven by Cpl. Duncan Keith. They arrive at the base where the sergeant found the major. Gerald Tiberius Ingram, also returns from Call of Duty: United Offensive, where he explains to Doyle  their encounter with the resistance of the French marquis and  the special cargo in their Handley Page Halifax vehicle: Vera and Lynn, two SAS jeeps.

The Canadian part of the campaign involved members of the 4th Canadian Armored) Division. It focused on Pvt. Joe Cole, played by World War I veteran, Lt. Leader Jean-Guy Robiechauld, who exhibits a proud and often messy leadership style

Finally, the Polish campaign revolved around Cpl. Bohater Wojciech, a member of the tank team in the Polish 1st Armored Division, commanded by Major Stan "Papa Jack" Jackowicz, and including Cpl. Joakim "Lucky Rudd" Rudinski, Sergeant Major. Lukasz "Bang Boom" Kolwalski, Pte. Marek "Beksa" Ulan and himself. The crew participates in a sweep through the French countryside, engaging German armor and helping to destroy the fearsome Nazi commander's Richter tank.


Call of Duty 3 features special gameplay sections where the player is ambushed by enemy troops and then the player engages in melee combat. Certain button combinations must be pressed, depending on the command prompts that flash on the screen. If the player fails to do so, he will be killed by enemy troops.

A new option in Call of Duty 3 multiplayer is that players can be put into special classes instead of choosing weapons. Players choose a soldier's class  and team. The class you choose defines both the player's arsenal and unique abilities that make them different than others.

Classes include the following:

  • Rifleman
  • Light and Heavy Assault
  • Medic
  • Scout
  • Support
  • Anti-Armor

COD 3 players choose their class when joining the game, but can switch classes after being killed. Each class has a primary weapon, pistol, and  unique abilities. All the classes can sprint (replacing the binocular command).

On the Wii version,  the button presses are replaced by remote gestures. The player must alternately shake the Wii Remote and the Nunchuck during the on-screen prompts.

Visuals and other features

Call of Duty 3's multiplayer mode allows 24 players to play on  PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, which is three times larger than  Call of Duty 2's multiplayer mode. The Wii version has no modes at all. Multiplayer.

All team game modes pit American soldiers against Germans; Interestingly, the British SAS, Canadian and Polish soldiers are not playable multiplayer factions. The PS2 version allows up to 16 players per game (although performance may be limited to just 10 players) , but has fewer maps than the other versions of Call of Duty 3.

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Nov 07, 2006


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TEEN: Blood, Language, Violence

Interesting Facts

  • Call Of Duty 3 was made in the span of just eight months by Activision and Treyarch.
  • The game’s melee fight scenes relied on the PS3’s six-axis controller. This meant that players were infinitely more immersed in the COD experience.
  • When Call Of Duty 3 was released on the PS3, it had no trophies since the PS3 didn’t support trophies at that time.
  • There is only one melee fight in the game that can be avoided by killing the enemy beforehand. It is found in the mission “Night Drop” which is a part of the British set of campaign missions.
  • COD 3 was actually released with a subtitle in it’s name in France, with the game being called “Call Of Duty 3: On The Way To Paris”
  • COD 3 is featured in two franchise bundles, “Call Of Duty: The War Collection”, and “Call Of Duty Trilogy”.
  • In the single player campaign, there are 14 campaign missions.
  • The Call of Duty 3 multiplayer mode allows 24 players on the PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360 consoles, which is three times larger than the Call of Duty 2 multiplayer mode, The Wii version has no multiplayer at all.

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