Games Like Little Nightmares 2 That You Can Play Right Now

Little Nightmares, and its sequel, Little Nightmares 2, will no doubt leave you wanting for more.

There aren't that many games similar to the Little Nightmares games, but these 7 should fill the void left behind by Six and Mono once you're done with their adventures.

Thanks to its low-fi stylings, the aesthetically-driven creepy puzzle-based platformer is one of the more unique games out there.

This is great for when you're playing it, but when you're looking for similar titles to play through, searching for one that scratches the same itch is so much easier said than done.

Lucky for you, we're here to help.

Scroll down below to find 7 games like Little Nightmares 2 that you can play right now.

Limbo and Inside

Limbo and Inside are two of Playdead's most influential titles ever.

Wait. Scratch that.

Both games are some of the most influential titles to ever be released. The former is even credited for arguably creating the "atmospheric puzzle platformers" genre that has since gained mainstream popularity.

If you're coming from playing both the Little Nightmares games, you'll find the similarities quite easily. It's obvious that the developers took a lot of notes from Playdead. In particular, how they set the tone for the game. Inside even has a portion where you have to carefully move behind cover to avoid being seen by moving searchlights that feel similar to what Little Nightmares did.

Both games are available for purchase as a double back on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, as well as individually on other platforms like the Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Microsoft Windows PCs.

Alan Wake

When writer's block takes over popular writer Alan Wake's mind, his wife, Alice, decides that some time away from the city is what he needs to bring his story-crafting prowess back up and running again.

But, little do the couple know that their decision to head on over to a small cabin in Bright Falls would lead to a nightmarish ordeal where having writer's block becomes the least of Alan's worries.

Similar to Little Nightmares, Alan Wake gives you little in the way of defending yourself.

In this game, wits, stealth, and discretion, are the keys to survival.

The main difference here is that Alan Wake is a bit more action-oriented. It's perfect for when you want to take a break from Little Nightmares' puzzle-solving and platforming, but don't necessarily want to give up the feeling of helplessness while playing a powerless protagonist.


Gris is a narrative-driven platform-adventure game that prefers to show its story to its players rather than tell it to them.

While the puzzle platforming gameplay is admittedly much more simple compared to that in Little Nightmares, Gris' true strength doesn't lie in it challenging you. Instead, it's a game that makes you feel relaxed. This way, you can focus more on trying to reflect upon the kind of imagery presented to you and what it means to you personally.

A beautifully bright game that stands as a stark contrast to Little Nightmares' dark and grim world, Gris is a surprisingly deep game that will have you exploring the inner workings of your own mind.

Among the Sleep

If Little Nightmares shows you the world in the eyes of a young child, Among the Sleep takes things even further and puts you in the shoes of a two-year-old boy.

Seeing a world that's so much bigger than you are, Among the Sleep will have you hiding behind creates and floors, as well as hiding in the tall grass and bushes as you desperately try and find your way parents in a dark, dark world where everything and everyone is seemingly out to get you.

Naturally, because you're in control of a two-year-old, there are no weapons and armor to help you out. Instead, all you have at your disposal is whatever a normal two-year-old can do and a loving teddy bear keeping you company.

Neverending Nightmares

Neverending Nightmares puts you in the shoes of a protagonist named Thomas who suffers from constant night terrors only to wake up one night to find himself stuck in a lucid dream.

Being in a dreamlike state, he can do and act however he pleases. But, as he soon finds out, not everything he can think of and has thought of is to his benefit.

The side-scroller has you exploring a house with graphics that look like it came straight out of a sketchbook and features all sorts of creatures, as well as sounds effects, that will help induce a state of paranoia in you too.


What would you do if you took a nap in the middle of class and suddenly find your school deserted with the words "Typhoon Warning" scribbled on the wall?

Such is the premise of the game, Detention, and the ordeal that a student named Wei Chung Ting must go through.

In attempting to leave, he finds another student, Fang Ray Shin. However, after leaving together, they somehow find themselves back in school. Then, in a surprising turn of events, Chung dies, leaving Ray all alone to try and traverse the blood-soaked world that's full of ghastly monstrosities known as the Lingered.

Like Six and Mono from the Little Nightmares games, Ray must tread carefully. Otherwise, he risks alerting the creatures who are out to get him.

As you explore, you'll start to learn more about the school's history and make sense of all the cryptic messages scribbled on the walls.


Darq is probably the least similar of these games to Little Nightmares but also the one that looks so much like it.

Between the visual and thematic similarities, it's easy to mistake DARQ for a game inspired by Little Nightmares. However, in terms of gameplay, both are very different. instead of being a puzzle-platformer with stealth elements, DARQ plays more like a puzzle-adventure title (you can't even jump) with horror elements.

The game features a young boy named Lloyd who finds himself waking up to a lucid nightmare.

Now, players will have to help Lloyd find out the meaning of the dream by solving the game's numerous puzzles.

With an expected run time of around 4-5 hours, DARQ is admittedly short. But, just like the Little Nightmares titles, you can expect the game's effect on you, especially if you complete the base title along with the two free DLCs, to last for a while.

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