Games Done Quick has banned Hogwarts Legacy

The world's biggest charity speedrunning event joins the long list of organizations to distance itself from Harry Potter.

It would've been fun watching Potterheads trying to figure out the fastest way to clear through Hogwarts Legacy.

Don't expect to find any Hogwarts Legacy speedrunner at any future Games Done Quick event anytime soon, or at all. The world's biggest charity speedrunning event has banned the Wizarding World franchise.

GDQ didn't explain why it banned Hogwarts Legacy and other Harry Potter games from its speedrun submission guide, but we can only presume it's got something to do with the franchise's association with J.K. Rowling and her transphobic views as well as comments. It's worth noting the GDQ recently canceled a Florida event because of the state's anti-LGBT+ legislation.

If it's any consolation, Games Done Quick can still change its mind. Harry Potter is one-half of the two entries marked as "subject to further review in the future" along with Five Nights at Freddy's.

Most likely, GDQ is chancing if Harry Potter can successfully dissociate from J.K. Rowling but that's highly unlikely.

All of the controversies hasn't stopped Hogwarts Legacy from topping the sales charts.

Hogwarts Legacy is currently banned in Russia, Belarus, and Turkey as well as certain circles on the internet like ResetEra.

But, despite all of the bans, Hogwarts Legacy continues to sell well as it's now on track to become the best-selling Harry Potter game of all time. Although a DLC is currently not in the works, Avalanche Software will leave a lot of money on the table if it doesn't consider at least one post-launch expansion for Hogwarts Legacy if not two.

As for Games Done Quick, the speedrunning community still has plenty to look forward to with Summer Games Done Quick coming in May and the first in-person GDQ event in years likely sooner rather than later.

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