Gameplay footage from an unannounced Sony exclusive has leaked

The untitled sci-fi game is reportedly running on Unreal Engine 5.

Sony already has a good number of first-party titles in the pipeline, but it looks like we'll be adding one more to the list as new gameplay footage of what appears to be a sci-fi RPG has leaked online.

sony exclusive cover
The leaked game has been compared to Mass Effect.

Portuguese Twitter user and gaming insider Supernovas has posted a short clip of an unnamed game on the social media platform. The footage lasts only a few seconds and features a character shooting at what looks like a giant alien creature.

"Here's the leak of an early game first party from Sony," Supernovas tweets. "This is a Sci-fi RPG, probably made in UE5. The studio would be XDev and more leaks will appear this year. People are dubbing the game ‘Gears of Effect’."

The video itself looks to be from the gaming forum IconEra and we managed to track the original post to get more information on the unannounced game. Apparently, it's "an RPG Sci-Fi on Unreal Engine 5" and the footage "is a very early build." The game is a "first/second party in development by an xDev."

Sony’s XDev studio is based in Liverpool under PlayStation Studios. The team at XDev works with third-party developers to publish first-party exclusives on the PlayStation platform. XDev previously worked with Quantic Dream on Detroit: Become Human and Supermassive Games with Until Dawn.

sony exclusive art
The unnamed project does have the gritty look of a Gears of War game.

The leaked video dubs the game as "Gears of Effect" because of its resemblance to Gears of War and Mass Effect. Furthermore, the footage looks to be from a very early build because of the rough animation and character movements.

The post mentions that more leaks will be coming out for the game this year, indicating that this is an ongoing project over at XDev. However, it's unclear if XDev is working on the project themselves or with a third-party studio. This will be XDev’s first IP if the studio is developing the game internally.

From the gameplay footage, we can assume that this game is still years away from being published. Hopefully, more information will be released about this new project. Sony hasn't confirmed the authenticity of the leaks as of writing.

In the meantime, there are a lot of Sony exclusives to be excited about. The action RPG Forspoken will be released this month while the VR game Horizon Call of the Mountain is arriving in February alongside the PSVR2. Gamers will also be getting Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores, Final Fantasy XVI, and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth later this year.

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