Gameplay footage and details for Need For Speed 2022 leaked

The gameplay footage shows anime-style effects for the new game.

Need for Speed 2022 is one of the most highly anticipated games slated to come out later this year. Electronic Arts confirmed in its latest financial report that the game is coming out in Q3 2022, which is anywhere between September to December.

Next Need For Speed
Gameplay footage and details for Need for Speed 2022 have been leaked online.

The year is ending in four months and we haven't seen a trailer for the next Need for Speed. Luckily, there are some reliable leakers of the game constantly feeding us information and the state of the game.

Recently, a very short gameplay footage showed off the car model along with some damage effects. The footage also reveals the anime-style visual effects that will be present in the game when players perform stunts and tricks.

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The footage is probably from the early stages of Need for Speed 2022 as some of the objects that were shown do not have textures. This does at least give us some idea of the gameplay physics and visual effects in the game.

The leak was posted by Reddit user TopRamanNoodles, who claims to know someone from the development team of NFS2022, as they have shared gameplay details in a post.

Leaked gameplay

The leaked Need for Speed video shows a Chevrolet Bel Air flying through the air as well as crashing into a donut-shaped obstacle. We can make out what looks like some cartoonish wings and skull and crossbones animation on the car, which confirms earlier leaks. The car seems to be performing a stunt jump as there is a distance marker and "stars", hinting at a rating system for how much distance a player gets during the jump. Most likely, the player is trying to clear the obstacle and land on the other side.

The cartoon wings may be indicating that the car is airborne while the skull and crossbones mean that the player has failed the stunt. Other things you would see in the gameplay are the game map, a speedometer, and the in-game currency.

Gameplay details

In a separate post, TopRamanNoodles, share details regarding the game.

I shared some nfs leaks from an EA buddy over on r/gamingleaksandrumours. Here's more info & pics from needforspeed

The leaked details for NFS2022 reveal that there will be no Drift or Drag events in the racing game. The speedcross event the goal is for players to score the most points while racing around a set course returns to the game. The same leak reveals that EA has simplified the upgrade system for the "younger audience" who've played other racing titles like Forza. Other details include a "menu-based" car meet for swapping vehicles as well as a system in place for betting on other players.

The parts we are most interested in are that the campaign will have "strong female/cultural representation," and that EA has a year's worth of content and support planned for the game albeit much of it hinges on its success.

Overall, the leaked footage and gameplay details will satisfy racing fans. We're hoping that EA and Criterion Games show off a gameplay trailer soon following the talks of a rumored delay.

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