Gameplay footage from Battlefield 2042 test leaks

Videos, images and other details have leaked from the Battlefield 2042 tech test, revealing a ton of new info about the upcoming shooter.

New details about one of the biggest military shooter games coming later this year have leaked? We sure heard that one before.

Following the asset leak of Call of Duty: Vanguard, major rival Battlefield 2042 is next up with a ton of new info leaking from the game's first technical test, including gameplay footage.

The Battlefield 2042 technical test is currently underway, and while participants are under an NDA, leaks were inevitable. While videos are being taken down by EA one by one, once something is on the internet you can never really delete it - and the cat is already out of the bag.

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Participants of the technical test could play matches on the Orbital map only, and seeing as this is a test, most elements of the game are still subject to change before release. However, in broad strokes, we now have a good idea of what kind of gameplay to expect from the multiplayer-only near future FPS.

The footage reveals snappy, fast paced and frantic action, and fancy visuals that are par for the course for a flagship AAA shooter game. Time-to-kill is quick, with many players comparing it to Battlefield 5's TTK, promoting faster gameplay and confrontations that don't last too long when you're on the move.

Gameplay footage can only convey so much about how a game feels if you're not the one actually playing, but participants have reported satisfying gunplay, good sound design and impressive animation work. That said, these leaks have revealed plenty of features that can be quantified more concretely.

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Leaks from the Battlefield 2042 technical test gave us our first look at the Recon class.

The Battlefield 2042 technical test sports 8 primary weapons across 6 classes, and 2 secondary weapons, all of which are slightly futuristic, genericized versions of existing weapons. We expect that more weapons will be available in the final release. Players use unarmed melee attacks by default, since melee weapons will be among the cosmetics that EA will sell separately. Execution animations are back, and play in third person to show off skins.

The only playable map, Orbital, is the one that appeared in promotional material with a rocket launch pad. Much of the map is dominated by a dense forest, with some shallows, roads and a few buildings scattered around - though the main area of interest is the rocket facility itself. The map is divided into 8 zones with a total of 10 control points.

The Orbital map from Battlefield 2042.

Several miscellaneous tidbits have also been confirmed about Battlefield 2042. In no particular order these are:

  • Weapon customization can be done while parachuting
  • Exact damage numbers are not seen
  • There is only one anti-aircraft vehicle (so far) called the Jaguar
  • There are three helicopters
  • There is one jet fighter
  • Non-revival pings can be sent as well as revival pings
  • Cars can toot

Battlefield 2042 is set to have more testing rounds before its release on the 22nd of October, so we expect more leaks and details to get out before the official launch date.

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