Gameloft announces Nintendo Switch and PC versions of The Oregon Trail

Following a 2021 release on Apple Arcade, Gameloft will release a modern version of the iconic game for PC and Nintendo Switch in November 2022.

Gameloft has announced it will release the modernized version of its popular mobile game, The Oregon Trail, on PC and Nintendo Switch.

Oregon Trail
The Oregon Trail is an iconic game that was created in 1971.

The video game publisher confirmed The Oregon Trail will launch before the month ends. Gameloft initially released the game on Apple Arcade in 2021 and the forthcoming release will mark the end of its Apple exclusivity and its availability to users of other platforms.

The upcoming title will feature new visuals and an all-original soundtrack as well as playable Native American characters and stories in a bid to provide respectful representation and to celebrate the history and cultures of the first inhabitants of Oregon.

The Oregon Trail’s description on Steam reads:

A modern twist on the trials and tribulations of the road to Oregon, this official successor to the global phenomenon will immerse players in exhilarating journeys ranging from the historically accurate to the totally extreme. Players will pick their traveling party, stock the wagon with supplies, and embark on an adventure filled with tough choices, new dangers, and unexpected situations. Surviving blizzards, broken limbs, snakebites, exhaustion, starvation, and the dreaded dysentery is no small feat; all the while navigating an untamed frontier to get your party to their new life in Oregon before the winter.

The Oregon Trail will feature 15 playable journeys and seven quests based on historical events. Players will have a wide range of experiences. They will manage inventory, keep tabs on members of their party, and learn about animals. On Steam, the minimum PC specs are: Windows 10 OS, 8 GB RAM, 1500 MB storage, and NVIDIA Geforce GTX 660.

The Oregon Trail has a history that stretches as far back as 1971 when three student teachers at a middle school Don Rawitsch, Bill Heinemann, and Paul Dillenberger conceived it for students’ use. Following Rawitsch’s employment by an educational software firm, the game gained ground and found widespread usage in schools across the United States. In 2009, Gameloft published the first mobile version of The Oregon Trail to great reception and this led to the creation of sequels.

Oregon Trail
Gameloft released a modern take on the game on the Apple Arcade last year.

The Oregon Trail follows a wagon leader as they lead a group of settlers across America in 1848 via the Oregon Trail. The educational strategy video game is iconic, especially among Americans who attended elementary school from the mid-1980s to the mid-2000s. It's a cultural phenomenon and is still relevant several decades after its creation.

You can check out The Oregon Trail and other impressive iOS games on the Apple Arcade.

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