Crypto project reveals collaboration with The Rock and Mark Wahlberg

At one point, GALA was trading over 70% higher compared to its value prior to the announcement.

It appears that leaving the DC Universe (at least, for now) hasn't slowed down Dwayne Johnson, more commonly known as "The Rock", at all. According to blockchain company GALA Games, it has struck a partnership with both The Rock and Mark Wahlberg for two separate films.

gala the rock marky mark collaboration
The Rock's movie with GALA Games has yet to be formally announced.

Gala described the massive collaboration as an "exciting thing for the ecosystem", saying that it could be "another huge opportunity to bring in an extremely large number of users onto our blockchain." The blockchain games startup, which was co-founded by Zynga co-founder, Eric Schiermeyer, gave a glimpse into the potential future of this move, saying:

Think about it for a moment.... imagine going to a movie and there is a qr code on your ticket to redeem a digital item. That item has been selling on opensea so why wouldn't you at least take a look? Imagine againn you're watching a film on Netflix and a qr code shows up there as well... These are just some of the use cases. Integration with our games and our music is another very exciting prospect. Would you want to add Hogwarts to your Voxverse land? Or maybe there is another movie you saw on Gala Film that you need to have in your collection. Ghosts of Ruin looks like it's going to be a hit!

Gala Games confirmed that Gala Music and Gala Film will use GALA as its gas token - the cryptocurrency that powers its network. It's believed that Johnson and Wahlberg's movies will use music from Gala films, which, in theory, would be beneficial to both the owner of the music track and Node operator (someone who helps run the GALA blockchain) each time someone watched the film. However, this is speculation for now.

gala the rock marky mark collaboration
Wouldn't it be amazing if Mark Wahlberg's GALA Games movie is Ted 3?

What's certain is that the crypto community is very bullish on these announcements, with the GALA token price increasing around 50% in the last 24 hours. Securing collaborations with both The Rock and Mark Wahlberg is not an easy feat, as they are some of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood. In addition to its latest celebrity partnership, Gala Games announced a move into the mobile gaming space as well, where it previously had no presence.

gala the rock marky mark collaboration
The Rock was recently booted out of the DC Universe as part of James Gunn's restructuring of the company.

Speaking of Zynga Take-Two Interactive bought the mobile gaming company last year and it's already included it in its plans through 2025.

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