Futurama star reveals release window

Hulu announced that it had ordered a 20-episode season and revived the animated sci-fi show early last year.

Lauren Tom, who stars in the forthcoming Futurama reboot, has revealed that new episodes of the animated sci-fi sitcom will drop this summer.

Futurama is finally making a return after 10 years.

The actress, who voices the Planet Express intern Amy Wong, made this revelation via her Twitter account in response to a fan’s question about the reboot’s debut. Tom had posted a photo of herself, her Futurama cast members, and the head writers at the San Francisco Sketchfest event where they had featured as part of a Futurama vs Covid 3019 panel.

Futurama aired for seven seasons between 1999 and 2013. While rumors of a revival have been swirling around since 2020, it wasn’t until last year that Hulu announced it had ordered a 20-episode season.

Here is the original show’s plot summary:

Pizza boy Philip J. Fry is accidentally cryogenically frozen and awakens 1,000 years later in the 31st century. With no way back, he lands a job at Planet Express, an interplanetary delivery service, and tries to make sense of his new life with his co-worker friends: his 160-year-old boss; a beautiful, Cyclopian mutant; a human-sized crustacean; a Rastafarian bureaucrat; a rich, spoiled intern and an alcoholic, sociopathic robot.

While little is known about the antics of Fry and the rest of the gang in the upcoming revival, Hulu revealed the titles of ten episodes late last year, which provided insight into some of the topics the show will tackle. For instance, the Rage Against The Vaccine episode will likely revisit the pandemic and its many issues, while Zapp Gets Cancelled will address cancel culture. Other episode titles include Related To Items You've Viewed and Children Of A Lesser Bog, as well as the obvious puns How The West Was 1010001 and Parasites Regained.

Apart from Tom, who voices the Planet Express intern Amy Wong, the Futurama reboot will see all of the other original cast members, including Billy West, John DiMaggio, Phil Lamarr, David Herman, and Maurice LaMarche reprise their roles. Matt Groening, the program’s creator, will also return, alongside his co-showrunner David X. Cohen.

By the way, DiMaggio who voices the foul-mouthed, ill-tempered robot Bender Bending Rodriguez, set out to disappoint fans as he initially refused to return. The accomplished voice actor, with credits in Ben 10, Final Fantasy X, the Transformers franchise, and Gears of War, among others, argued that he and the rest of the show’s cast deserved better pay than Hulu was offering. Eventually, he resolved his differences with the producers and re-joined the cast.

The show follows the lives of professional slacker Philip J. Fry and his friends cum co-workers at Planet Express.

Also, Coolio was a recurring guest star for several seasons of the show. Following his death late last year, Cohen revealed they will be dedicating an episode of the show to him. He also revealed that the famous rapper had recorded dialog for his character, Kwanzaa-bot, before he passed.

While Tom’s comments provide a window for the reboot, Hulu is yet to provide a definite date for the revival’s debut.

Fortunately, fans who want to catch up on the show ahead of the revival’s debut can do so on Hulu, which hosts all the previous seasons.

In other news, Hulu recently greenlit the reboot of another iconic 1990s animated sitcom, King of the Hill, after several years of speculation. Like Futurama, the show will see the return of the cast members, as well as that of the creators.

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