FromSoftware is working on new Armored Core game

A job listing suggests that the Elden Ring developer is working on the Mecha game.

FromSoftware has had a very successful 2022 with the release of Elden Ring. The ARPG has been a smash hit and won the Game of the Year award at the Japan Game Awards. Now fans of FromSoftware games are asking what the next game is after Elden Ring.

A new job posting suggests that FromSoftware is working on a new Armored Core game.

It looks like FromSoftware is now focusing on the next Armored Core game as the studio’s next big project. The new entry into the franchise has been rumored since the start of the year.

A new job listing from the game developer’s website reveals that they are looking for a Character Designer. While this could be for any number of games that the studio is working on, there is a hint that alludes to a new Armored Core title.

According to the job posting, the candidate "will be in charge of a wide range of designs related to characters and mecha." Interestingly, the word "mecha" is mentioned several times in the posting indicating that the person will be focused on a mecha genre game.

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The job posting further indicates that applicants who are "good at mechanical design are welcome" to apply to the position.

Another job posting from the FromSoftware website is for an environment modeler with "knowledge of natural landforms and city layouts." This additional job entry fits well with the mecha genre as these are typically set in big open spaces and are most often in war-torn cities.

While the job postings do give us a glimmer of hope, fans who are eager to see the next Armored Core title make its way to new generation consoles may have to wait a while. It's believed that the Elden Ring developer is busy working on a remaster and PC port for the PlayStation-exclusive Soulsborne game, Bloodborne.

The Armored Core franchise

Armored Core had 23 games in the franchise.

The Armored Core franchise is one of FromSoftware's biggest franchises. In total, the series has spawned 23 entries and as many as 13 mainline titles. It's a cornerstone for the Elden Ring developers. But, it's been a decade since FromSoftware released a new Armored Core game. Throughout the years, there've been plenty of rumors that a new installment will be coming, although nothing as concrete as the recent job listings has been found.

Having said that, Elden Ring is already in a stable state with "only" a DLC coming. This gives FromSoftware enough resources to at least start working on the next Armored Core game.

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