Free Weapon Rarity Upgrade Side-Easter Egg On Forsaken - Black Ops Cold War: Zombies

Forsaken features a free rarity side-easter egg similar to the one seen on Mauer Der Toten. In this side-easter egg, you can upgrade the rarity of three different classes of weapons. You can upgrade Pistols, SMGs, and Sniper Rifles for free.

Free Weapon Rarity Featured

This easter egg is similar to the target shooting easter egg seen on Mauer Der Toten, which rewards you with an Aether Wrench to upgrade any weapon of your choice.

However, in Forsaken, you are restricted to only Pistols, SMGs, and Sniper Rifles. There are three different locations with a blueprint of each weapon class.

You need to pick up the blueprint to start the challenge. If you have the wrong class, you won't be able to pick up the blueprint. The challenge is timed, and shooting all the targets will automatically upgrade the rarity of your weapon.

If your weapon has a Rare rarity, it will be upgraded to Epic. If it's already on Epic, then it will upgrade to Legendary rarity.

If you fail to hit the targets on time, you will hear a sound confirming the failure of the challenge. You won't be able to repeat the same challenge and will need to restart your game.

The SMG and Pistol challenges are easier than the Sniper Rifle one. We do have a complete video guide for your visual reference as well.

Video Guide


The SMG blueprint is found right outside the Beach Pizza restaurant.

The blueprint is on the stack of concrete blocks by the wall.

If you do not see the blueprint, you need to unlock the door to the Beach Pizza restaurant for 750 points.

Below, we have pictures highlighting all the locations where the targets will appear. These locations are fixed, but the order of appearance varies from game to game.

It is best to learn the locations, or it can get a bit hectic. You don't have to worry too much about it. You will get the hang of it after doing the challenge a couple of times.

Also, make sure your audio is turned up, as the sound of the targets spawning helps a lot. It helps you know that the target has spawned. Sometimes, it can be a bit difficult to tell that without the sound.

You also do not have to worry about the zombies attacking you during the target shooting. Once you've hit the first target, the zombies will ignore you until you complete the challenge.


The pistols blueprint is found in the plants next to the Arcade.

Pick up the blueprint and go to the window of the 'American Records & Tapes' right in front of you.

This one is the easiest as there's not a lot of room for the targets to move to. Everything is in front of you.

You don't have to expect a lot of variation, but you need to be careful when targeting those spawning on the platform above. It is easy to miss them.

There's no picture needed for this one as all the targets appear in one confined space.

Sniper Rifles

This one is by far the hardest. We highly recommend purchasing the Speed Cola perk before you attempt this challenge. A faster reload speed is favorable here.

The blueprint is on the video store rooftops. You will find it resting on the air vent.

Once you pick up the blueprint, the challenge will begin. For this challenge, whenever you hear the target spawning sound, look for a "light." The targets will be brighter than the rest of the area due to the lights at the base of the targets.

Always zoom out to look for the next target. It helps a lot. Here are all the target locations.

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