Free tier for new Peacock subscribers cancelled

The free tier was a huge hit among subscribers and has been available since Peacock launched three years ago.

No more freebies! That is NBCUniversal's new motto following its decision to eliminate Peacock's free tier for all of the new subscribers to the streaming service.

peacock nbcu

NBCUniversal has decided to place more focus on its premium tiers so that it can stay competitive in the streaming market. All new subscribers now need to choose between the ad-supported Peacock Premium tier for $4.99 a month or the ad-free Peacock Premium Plus tier for $9.99 a month. However, existing subscribers will still have access to the free tier. Additionally, all subscribers who choose to cancel their paid plans will be automatically downgraded to the free tier.

In contrast to HBO Max, Disney+, and other competitors, Peacock debuted in 2020 with a free tier. The COVID-19 pandemic's effects have caused the market to change significantly over the past two years, forcing the company to review its marketing strategy.

peacock free tier
Peacock is owned and operated by the Television and Streaming division of NBCUniversal.

Peacock witnessed a gain of five million active subscribers during the fourth quarter of last year, increasing its total number of active subscribers to twenty million. This came up as a result of Peacock Premium and Telemundo broadcasting the 2022 FIFA World Cup games in Spanish.

Speaking of Peacock, the live-action Twisted Metal TV series will premiere on Peacock whenever it's out.

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