There's a free Tales of Arise demo dropping on August 18

Tales of Arise is the first Tales game to be made using Unreal Engine.

The Tales series is one of the most underrated and longest-running JRPG games ever created. The franchise got its start back in the 90s and to this date it is still going strong. The latest installment, Tales of Arise, is a standalone game and not a sequel. It's set to release on September 10.

Free Tales Of Arise Demo
Players will have a chance to check what Tales of Arise is all about on August 18.

Before the game arrives on September 10, Bandai Namco intends to give audiences a glimpse of what to expect with a free demo on August 18.

Tales of Arise is the best-looking Tales game yet

Bandai Namco announced the Tales of Arise demo via the game's Twitter account.

According to the official announcement, the free trial of Tales of Arise is only available on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, as well as Xbox Series S/X. Unfortunately, this means that PC players won't be able to try Tales of Arise out, so if you don't have a console, you'll have to wait until the game releases on September 10.

Early reviews and demos from various sources agree that Tales of Arise is the best-looking and most accessible game in the series.

The graphics part shouldn't come off as a shocker. Tales of Arise marks the first time that Bandai Namco used Unreal Engine to make a Tales game. Thus, it's only reasonable that there is a huge jump in graphics quality with Tales of Arise, when compared to its predecessors. This is especially true on the PS5 and Xbox Series X, where the JRPG title can run at either 4K resolution or 60 frames per second (just not both at the same time).

Tales of Arise will also reportedly support the DualSense controller. Unfortunately, Bandai Namco did not specify up to what extent Tales of Arise will make use of Sony's newest controller.

Free Tales Of Arise Demo
Tales of Arise will be available on all modern platforms outside of the Nintendo Switch on September 10.

Much like the Final Fantasy franchise, the Tales games tell self-contained stories so even newer players don't have to worry about not having any experience with the previous games, if any at all.

With that said, fans won't have to wait too long to sample Tales of Arise and check out the early goings of the adventures of Shionne and Alphen with the demo dropping on August 18.

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