How To Get The Free RAI K-84 Prototype Wonder Weapon On Firebase Z

The new Cold War Zombies' map Firebase Z is here, and of course, with it comes a brand new wonder weapon called The RAI K-84. This is a play on words with the Ray Gun and a Rifle being combined to form an assault rifle prototype of the Ray Gun pistol.

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This guide shows you exactly how you can get this wonder weapon for free via a side-easter egg. Other methods include doing trials and spinning the mystery box. But, this method guarantees acquiring the rare legendary weapon as you will build it yourself.

Acquiring the RAI K-84 won't be as easy as the D.I.E. Shockwave from Die Maschine. A bit of work will be required to get the RAI K-84. The guide continues assuming you've already turned on the power and built the Pack-A-Punch machine.

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RAI K-84 Blueprint

The first step is to get the RAI K-84 blueprint, which is on the wall in the Weapons Lab. You can reach the lab when you go right from the main central area of the Firebase Z. Go right, open the door and go straight ahead into the room with the Arsenal. This is the Weapons Lab.

You will find a computer that you can interact with and a blueprint beside it on the wall. Grab the blueprint, and you're done with the first part.

Dimitri’s Eyeball

To use the computer in the Weapons Lab, you must find Dimitri Kuhlklay's body. He was a scientist who was working on the RAI K-84. You need to get his eyeball to access the computer by using his eye for the retina scanner.

You will find his body in the 'Scorched Defense' beach by the Mission Control Room. The body will be on the far right side of the 'Scorched Defense' area next to a crashed tank engulfed in fire.

Interact with the body to gouge his eyeball out and then head back to the Weapons Lab.

Once you're back at the lab, interact with the computer, and the eyeball will be scanned using the retina scanner. You will then have access to the computer.

A drawer will open automatically, giving you the 'Locker Key.' You will also notice a green circle on the computer screen, which we will come to shortly after.

Barrel Assembly

Grab the 'Locker Key' and make your way to the Barracks area of the Firebase Z. You can reach the Barracks area by unlocking the middle gate that you see from the central area (crashed helipad area).

You will see two green Barracks building labeled '1' and '2.'

You will find several lockers inside of these buildings. Now, the next step has a bit of an RNG nature. You need to open all these lockers one by one until a Mimic spawns. There could be multiple Mimics spawning, but one of them will have the Barrel Assembly part.

You must kill the Mimics until you get the part, and you're done with this step. You can also find Intel from these lockers.

Dartboard Puzzle

Now, coming back to the computer screen and a green circle on the screen - that circle represents a Dartboard.

When you interact with the computer, you will notice that a section of the circle rotates in either a clockwise or an anti-clockwise direction. You will also notice that the direction changes when the section stops at a certain position for a couple of seconds.

You need to take note of the point where the section stops before it changes the direction. It will do this three times. So, you will get clockwise --> anti-clockwise --> clockwise pattern. When the moving section stops, you will hear a very distinct and unique sound. This will help you quickly check the computer screen for the position when dealing with the zombies.

If you refer to the image above, in our case, the section moved to number 17 in a clockwise direction and then stopped on it for a bit before moving in an anti-clockwise direction until it stopped at 20. Finally, it kept moving in a clockwise direction until it stopped at number 12. this gives us our sequence - 17 20 12.

After getting your sequence, make sure you buy an assault rifle that you can shoot accurately. It shouldn't be a burst fire weapon because now you will need to shoot the same numbers in the same order on a Dartboard located at spawn village.

You will find a Dartboard on the wall inside the Village Mess Hall at spawn. It is the hall to the left of the Pack-A-Punch machine.

Shoot the three sections in the correct order, followed by shooting the bullseye. A secret compartment will open, revealing another item called an Aetherium Converter. Grab it, and then make your way back to the Firebase Z.

Power Cell

You need to keep progressing through the rounds until you get a zombie assault round. It is usually after Round 12.

The reason for that is because we want the Russian Mangler to spawn. The Russian Mangler only spawns after the first zombie assault round.

Once the Mangler spawns, kill him, and he will drop an 'Uncharged Power Cell.'

Grab the 'Uncharged Power Cell' and make your way back to the Weapons Lab, and you will find a charger on the table next to the Arsenal.

Plug the power cell in and let it charge. You need to play two more rounds for the cell to be fully charged.

After completing two rounds, come back, and you will be able to pick it back up.

RAI K-84

Once you have the charged power cell, you are ready to build the wonder weapon. Go to the workbench in the same location to the left of the computer. This is the same workbench from where you grabbed the RAI K-84 blueprint from.

You will get a prompt to build the weapon. Build it, and the weapon will appear next to you.

And that is how you can get your hands on the brand new RAI K-84. It can be triple Pack-A-Punched, increasing the damage immensely!

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