Free Guy gaming parody posters go viral

Whoever came up with these posters for Free Guy definitely needs a raise.

If there's one thing that the team behind Free Guy know what to do, it's how to sell the video game movie.

Free Guy Parody Posters
The Free Guy parody posters are just pure gold.

In what has to be the closest attempt to create a meta-esque GTA-like video game movie, Free Guy is absolutely nailing it with its marketing efforts. From the Deadpool and Korg skit, to partnering with popular figures in the gaming community and having them cameo in the film, as well as bringing over Halo's iconic vehicle, the Warthog, into the premiere, Free Guy is generating as much buzz as any video game movie could, in the best way possible.

Now for its latest marketing stunt, Free Guy has unveiled a line of gaming parody posters based on popular video game franchises like Among Us and Grand Theft Auto.

Is Free Guy going to be the best video game movie ever?

Free Guy Parody Posters
Free Guy could potentially be the biggest sleeper hit of the pandemic.

Starring Ryan Reynolds, Free Guy has been one of the most hotly anticipated action-comedy movies in the past two years. However, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the film's premiere date was pushed back multiple times. However, now that the premiere has already taken place, it's safe to say that the August 13 launch date is a sure thing.

The question then now shifts from "When is Free Guy going to release?" to "Is Free Guy a good movie?".

Reynolds is no stranger to box office flops, just check out the Green Lantern's ratings, but early reactions suggest that the Canadian actor has a hit on his hands with Free Guy.

If the public agrees with those critical reactions, we wouldn't be surprised if Free Guy ends up joining our list of video game movies.

Of course, that is a big "if" and we're not sure if Free Guy is enough to get audiences back into theaters. Another film with excellent critical reviews, The Suicide Squad, had quite the disappointing box office debut. Then again, much of The Suicide Squad's paltry ticket sales number might be because the film had a simultaneous release on HBO Max and in theaters.

This isn't a problem that Free Guy will face. Free Guy will be exclusive to cinemas for 45 days from August 13. This means that it won't be available for streaming until September 27, 2021, if not later. Because 20th Century Studios owns the distribution rights to the film, the studio might decide to push back the film's streaming platform release even further, especially if it does well in cinemas.

With that said, it will be interesting to see if Free Guy's original story will have moviegoers flocking theaters come August 13.

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