Free Guy is coming to Disney Plus in February

Ryan Reynolds' surprise hit video game movie earlier this year is finally headed to a streaming platform.

2021 was an excellent year for reboots, remakes, and sequels. However, original films didn't do badly either. Case in point, Free Guy. The action-comedy video game movie starring Ryan Reynolds was one of the first theater-exclusive movies from Disney that features an all-original story, which also stars prominent MCU director, Taika Waititi. It ended up making $330 million at the global box office, effectively securing a sequel in the future.

Free Guy Is Coming To Disney Plus
Free Guy was the highest grossing original movie in Hollywood for 2021.

Fast forward to earlier this week and Disney just confirmed that Free Guy is getting a streaming release.

Disney Plus subscribers can stream Free Guy soon

Free Guy Is Coming To Disney Plus
Free Guy helped prove to Disney that its hybrid release schedule just wasn't going to work.

Free Guy stars Ryan Reynolds as a non-playable character (bank teller) in a video game who somehow becomes sentient and realizes that he is in a virtual world. Along with a player character, the two of them race to help save the video game world as the creators try to shut it down.

Free Guy was one of Reynolds' last films before his hiatus along with Netflix's record-setting film, Red Notice.

After waiting for months for Free Guy to come to streaming platforms, Disney+ subscribers will finally get a chance to see what the fuss has been all about on February 23. But, that's not all. While US subscribers will have to wait for a few months to stream Free Guy, those in Canada will be able to watch Free Guy in Disney Plus on December 29.

In addition to Free Guy, Disney Plus also confirmed several of its upcoming shows and films in 2022. Naturally, this includes upcoming Marvel shows and films like Ms. Marvel. Disney Plus also included snippets of new episodes of the Star Wars spin-off TV series, The Book of Boba Fett, as well as Hocus Pocus 2, a sequel to the 1993 classic fantasy comedy film.

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